This catalogue is primarily a list of organs built by Harrison & Harrison since the firm’s foundation in 1861.  Please refer to the Notes for further information.
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This catalogue is primarily a list of organs built by Harrison & Harrison since the firm’s foundation in 1861.  Where there is no description in the right-hand column, it may normally be assumed that an organ was either completely new or has been reconstructed as a Harrison instrument incorporating older material.

In addition, the list includes the firm’s major restoration projects.  The term ‘restoration’ has been used in different ways over the years: here, it is used in a broad sense to signify projects where important characteristics of an earlier builder’s work were preserved or restored, without necessarily excluding selective alterations to the instrument concerned.

Dates are normally those of completion.  Depending on the context, the Date column shows either the date when an H&H organ was installed in the building concerned, or the date when H&H completed work on an organ as described under Details.

Downloads include some specifications.  (More types of downloads will be added in the future, such as pipemakers’ Metal Lists.)

Sources.  The Harrison archives contain few details of the organs built by the firm when based in Rochdale (1861–71).  Information for this period is based mainly on external sources such as newspaper articles and church or municipal records. The firm’s records begin soon after Thomas Harrison’s arrival in Durham (1872), and become increasingly comprehensive from the early twentieth century onwards. The firm is always willing to facilitate research on Harrison organs: enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to

It is hoped that this catalogue will serve as a useful record of the work of Harrison & Harrison.  We welcome authentic corrections and updates: these should be addressed to with supporting evidence where available.


The catalogue was started by Cuthbert Harrison during his time as Managing Director (1945–1975), with the help of his secretary Gwen Pattinson.  It was augmented by Laurence Elvin in connection with research for his book, The Harrison Story (1974).  Katherine Venning (Administrator 1990-2011) revised and greatly expanded it, assisted from 2001 by Jim Amos, who transferred it to our website.  Since 2010 Mark Venning and Carole Jeffery have done further work, with historical contributions from Richard Hird.

† =  Organ known to be no longer extant
Aberdare, Calfaria Baptist Church1903II/25  
Aberdeen, Holborn Church1886 Pneumatic action by Lawton 1925 
Aberdeen, King’s College Chapel1959II/15Restored 1992. Moved to St Kentigern’s Episcopal Church, Ballater by A F Edmonstone 2007 with alterations 
Aberdeen, Queen’s Cross Church1917   
Abergwynfi, St Gabriel’s Church1899II/12  
Aberlour Episcopal Church1879   
Aberystwyth, Tabernacle Calvinistic Chapel1904III/27Organ removed and stored by Andrew Cooper 2007; later discarded by purchaser and pipes dispersed after relocation plans fell through 
Abingdon, St Helen’s Church1928III/25  
 2005 Pneumatic restoration, and reversal of previous changesSpecification
Abingdon, School of St Helen and St Katharine1950III/24Rebuild of 1910/1920 H&H organ built for Lord Donoughmore, q.v. Repairs and alterations 1976, 1987. Rebuilt 1996 by Sebastian Meakin 
Acomb Church, York1952II/13From St Saviour’s York (H&H 1914) 
Addington Palace (RSCM)    
Robing Room1970II/18Originally Woodyates Manor, F.B. Eastwood 1920; then Denver Mills,T.E. Harris Esq 1935; then Addington Palace 1970. To Stoke Gabriel 1996 by Michael Farley. Rebuilt by Willis, 2010 
Chapel1954II/11Originally Chislehurst, College of St Nicholas, (1931); to Addington Palace 1954, then Cleveland Lodge (RSCM) 1996. To St Alkmund’s Shrewsbury, 2006 (Trevor Tipple) 
Adelaide, Australia, St Peter’s Cathedral2018IV/53Restoration of 1929 Hill Norman & Beard organ; provision of new caseSpecification
Adlington, Chorley, Wesleyan Church1891II/8  
Ainstable, St Michael’s Church1897II/8  
Airdrie, Flowerhill Parish Church1886   
Aldenham, Church of St John the Baptist1912II/19  
Alderley Edge, Brook Lane Baptist Church1939II/131900 organ from L Pilkington Esq, Manchester 
Aldershot, St Andrew’s Garrison Church1984III/31Rebuild of 1897 Hill organ from St Ninian’s, Leith 
Aldrington, St Philip’s Church1924III/25aka Hove St Philip’s 
Alnwick Parish Church1892III/26  
Alston, Cumberland, Garrigill Primitive Methodist Church1897II/15Secondhand organ case from Skipton 
Amble St Cuthbert’s Church1876   
Anderstone Church1882   
Arbirlot Parish Church1878I/4  
  II/10Also 1903 
Arbroath, St Vigean’s Church1875II/18  
Arlecdon, St Michael’s Church1905II/14Replaced by new H&H 1972 
Dr Armes: see Durham    
Armley, St Bartholomew’s Church2004IV/57Restoration of 1869 Schulze organSpecification
Ashington High Market Methodist Church1898II/9  
Auckland, New Zealand, Holy Trinity Cathedral1968III/64New organSpecification
   Replaced by new Nicholson 2017 
Auckland Park, Primitive Methodist Church1895I/4In Leasingthorne Chapel with F. Ward & Son’s name-plate 1945 
Australia, H. E. Jones Esq1888II/6  
Australia, W. H. Hender Bennett Esq.1888 To Camden Uniting Ch, Sydney, by Peter Jewkes 1988 
Ayr, St Columba’s Church1985III/381904 Binns organ: new console and tonal changesSpecification
 2005 Overhaul and improvements 
Ayr, St. Leonard’s Church1887II/27  
Bacup Wesleyan Schools1862   
Ballater, St Kentigern’s Episcopal Church2007 See King’s College Chapel, Aberdeen 
Bamburgh, St Aidan’s Church1883II/19  
Bandon, Cork, Kilbrogan Church1913II/15  
Barnard Castle, Wesleyan Chapel1879II/14Moved to new Chapel 1894. Cleaned 1904. † Removed 1974 
Major Barned, London1906II/12Moved by Willis to Mirfield, House of the Resurrection 1946, q.v. 
Barnoldswick, Independent Methodist Church1893I/6From Edinburgh Exhibition 
Barnoldswick, Wesleyan Church1896II/18  
Barton, nr Preston, St Lawrence’s Parish Church1897II/12Rebuild 
Bath, C.E. Thomas Esq.1901 Mr J. Forster’s organ 
Batley, Hick Lane Wesleyan Church1891III/34Overhaul 1926, moved to Prestwich Hospital 1956 
Beamish Church: see Stanley, St Andrew’s Church     
Bearpark, St Edmund’s Church1903II/10From South Shields St Stephen’s 
Bedford Catholic Apostolic Church1910 See Scarborough, A Clapham Esq. 
Bedford, St Andrew’s Church2016II/20New organ, mechanical actionSpecification
Bedlington Station P.M Church1906   
Beith, Parish Church1886   
Belfast: see also Sans Souci    
Belfast Cathedral1907III/48  
 1975IV/70Rebuilt and enlarged 
Belfast, Christ Church1891   
Belfast, St Mark’s Church, Ballysillan1880 Rebuilt 1973 Irish Organ Co. + extensions 
Belfast, St Matthew’s Church1879 Rebuilt Evans & Barr 1932; Rebuilt Irish Organ Co 1962 
Belmont, Durham, St Mary’s Church1901II/11  
Belthorn Congregational Church1899II/23Church closed 1981, organ for disposal 
   (letter from organist) 
Beltingham, St Cuthbert’s Church1905I/5  
Benfieldside, St Cuthbert’s Church1921 Restoration 
Bentley, St Peter’s Church1877   
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Freemasons’ Hall1897II/7  
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Holy Trinity Church1869III/36Rebuild 
 1880 Rebuild 
 1963 Restoration.  Organ subsequently rebuilt by others 
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Wallace Green U.P Church1892III/32  
Billingham, St Cuthbert’s Church1901II/13  
Birmingham, Deritend, St Basil’s Church1911II/11 
 1973II/24Rebuilt as Nave Organ for Worcester Cathedral, q.v. 
Birmingham, King’s Heath Wesleyan Church1906III/29Completed 1923 
Birmingham Old Meeting Church1909   
 1926III/45Organ completed. † Stored in Durham 1940; material bought 1949 
Birmingham, Oratory of St Philip Neri: see Clent    
 1972 Rebuilt as mobile Nave Organ for Worcester Cathedral.  Removed by Michael Farleigh 1989, used in rebuild of Hill organ at St Peter’s Budleigh Salterton 
Birmingham, St Martin’s Church1906III/61Completed 1913 
 1925 Bombed 1939 – 45 war, rebuilt Compton 
Birtley, St John’s Church1919 Restoration 
Birtley Wesleyan Church1897II/10  
Bishop Auckland, Castle Chapel1903II/12Restored 1982 
Bishop Auckland, G.O. Moses Esq.1906II/9To Brighton, S.H. Baker 1939. To Saltdean St Nicholas’ Church by M.C. Thompson 1985 
Bishop Auckland, Newgate Street Methodist Church1889II/13  
aka United Methodist Free Church1950II/17Church closed on amalgamation 1959. Organ rebuilt for new church – Woodhouse Close Methodist Church 1962 
Bishop Auckland Presbyterian Church1884II/16  
Bishop Auckland Primitive Methodist Church1886   
Bishop Auckland, St Andrew’s Church1989 Rebuild of Conacher organ 
Bishop Auckland, St Anne’s Church1876   
Bishop Auckland, St Helen’s ChurchDate unknownII/16  
Bishop Auckland, St Peter’s Church1883II/18  
Bishop Auckland, Tenter Street Chapel1883   
Bishop Auckland, Woodhouse Close Methodist Church1962II/161889 H&H organ from Bishop Auckland UMFC (= Newgate Methodist Church) 
Bishop Middleham, St Michael’s Church1890II/7  
Bishops Castle, Church of St John the Baptist1908III/17  
Bishopwearmouth Parish Church: see Sunderland Minster    
Bispham, All Hallows’ Church1888II/13  
Blackburn Girls’ High School1904II/15To Lancaster Priory, q.v., 2012 
Blackburn, St Silas’ Church1904III/37Completed 1925 
Blackford, St John’s Church1899II/6  
Blackhall, St Andrew’s Church1945III/7Mr H. Robson’s organ, Hartlepool (H&H) 1896), q.v. 
Blackhill, St Aidan’s Church1906II/14To St John’s Gateshead Fell 1999 
Blackpool, St John’s Parish Church1969III/33Restoration 
Blackpool, St Stephen-on-the-Cliff1952 Temporary organ from St James’ Muswell Hill. To London St Stephen’s Upper Holloway 1976  (Lancaster Organ Co).   ‘Sold to a school in Southgate’ 1982 
Blackwood Baptist Church1905II/10  
Blaenau Festiniog, Calvinistic Methodist Church1903   
Blairgowrie, A.J. Meacher Esq.1914II/18Bequeathed to a school in Perthshire 1968 
Blairgowrie Parish Church1913II/14Closed c 1980. Pipes to Alyth PC 
Blaydon Church1919II/18Restoration of Nicholson organ 
Blidsberg Church, Sweden1979III/38  
Blucher (near Walbottle) Newcastle upon Tyne,1910II/6From Newbottle Mission 
St Cuthbert’s Church    
John Blyth, Esq. : see Kirkcaldy    
Blyth Methodist New Connexion Church1899II/11  
Blyth, St Cuthbert’s Church1894II/18Rebuild 
Boldmere St Michael’s Church1967III/32  
Boldon Colliery Primitive Methodist1898II/102nd-hand, old materials? Replaced 1947 by 1904 H&H from Chapter Row Methodist, South Shields (not moved by H&H) 
Boldon Colliery Wesleyan,1896II/152nd-hand organ from Sherburn Hospital 
now Park Methodist Church    
Bolton, St James’s Church1863   
Bo’ness Parish Church, West Lothian1876   
Bonhill Parish Church, Dunbartonshire1882   
Boroughbridge Wesleyan Church1902II/18C&O by John Clough c. 1990, still in original condition 
Bossall, St Botolph’s Church1906I/7  
Boston Spa Wesleyan Church1878   
Boston, St Botolph’s Church1940III/47Restored 1987 
Bothal, St Andrew’s  Church1892II/10  
Bournemouth, St Peter’s Church1914III/46Rebuilt R&D 
Brackenburgh Tower, Carlisle, Mr & Mrs Harris1906III/24To St Chad’s Church Withington, Manchester 1953 (by C. Smethurst) 
Bradford, Southend, Wesleyan Church1888II/21  
Bradford on Avon, Holy Trinity Church2017III/291929 Willis organ re-sited; new soundboards and actionsSpecification
Bradford, St Columba’s Church1903III/31Redundant 2002 
Brailsford, All Saints’ Church1914II/10Overhaul 1958, and some restoration 1989 
Brampton Bierlow, Christ Church1905II/14  
Brancepeth, County Durham, St Brandon’s Church1935II/9Destroyed by fire 1998 
 2005III/23Organ from St Luke’s Winterton (Willis c1870) restored and installed          Specification
Brandon Colliery Mount Calvary Church,    
later Brandon St Andrew1900I/4  
Brandon St John’s Church1882II/15aka Meadowfield, close to new H&H workshop 
Bridlington Girls’ High School1936II/6  
Brighton, Church of the Good Shepherd1927II/16Completed 1935 
Brighton, S.H. Baker Esq.1939 From G.O. Moses, Bishop Auckland 1906. Rebuilt at Saltdean Parish Church by M.C. Thompson 1985 
Brinsop, St George’s Church1921II/5  
Bristol Beacon: see Colston Hall    
Bristol Cathedral, Eastern Lady Chapel1955I/5  
Bristol, Clifton, All Saints’ Church1923III/43Destroyed in WW2 
 1952II/20Temporary organ. Replaced by Walker organ 1967; moved by others to William Temple Memorial Church, Wythenshawe, Manchester 
Bristol, Clifton College Chapel1911IV/42  
 2017 Addition of 32ft Pedal reed extensionSpecification
Bristol Colston Hall: renamed Bristol Beacon 20201955IV/94  
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe1911IV/64  
 1947 Restored Swell after arson damage 
 1974/89 Overhaul 
 2011 Full restorationSpecification
Bristol University Great Hall1927III/29Destroyed in Blitz 1940 / 41. Replaced 1966 by Nicholson 
Bromley, Trinity Presbyterian Church1915II/22  
Brompton, Northallerton, St Thomas’s Church1893II/16  
Brooms, St Mary & St Joseph RC1901II/18  
Major Brown: see Callaly Castle    
Broxburn RC Church, nr Edinburgh1892II/8Small organ from Kirkcaldy, John Blyth Esq. (H&H 1887) 
Brunswick Village, St Cuthbert’s Church: see Dinnington Colliery  † Organ removed 2019 (woodworm) 
Burford Methodist Church1953II/82nd-hand pipework used 
Burlington, NC, USA,    
Front Street United Methodist Church2002III/55New organSpecification
F.H.Burn, Esq., Pattishall House: see Towcester    
Burnley Independent Methodist1896 Edinburgh Exhibition organ 
Burnley, Colne Road Wesleyan Church1893III/28  
Burnley, St Paul’s Church1865II/20  
Burrough-on-the-Hill, The Manor House,
Mr Michael Chamberlain
1989II/36To Mirfield, House of the Resurrection, 2012 
Bury, Brunswick Chapel1864   
Bury St Edmunds, St Edmundsbury Cathedral2010IV/59New organ, including some pipework from previous organSpecification
Caerau Church1911II/10  
Caldey Abbey1910I/8  
Caldicott School, Farnham Royal, Bucks1938II/16School and organ moved here from Hitchin 
Caldicott School, Hitchin1932II/16New organ.  School and organ moved to Farnham Royal 1938 
Callaly Castle, Major Brown1893II/14  
Cambridge, Clare College Chapel1911III/26To Mansfield Parish Church 1970. 
   (Not moved by H&H) 
Cambridge, Emmanuel United Reformed Church1993 Restoration of 1880 Willis organ; reinstatement of tracker actionSpecification
Cambridge, Girton College Chapel1910II/11Replaced by Johnson of Cambridge 1972 using some old pipes 
Cambridge, Jesus College Chapel1927IV/22Replaced 
Cambridge, King’s College Chapel1934IV/78  
 1968IV/77Overhaul and minor alterations 
 2016IV/79Complete reconstruction of the organ with new soundboards and revised layoutSpecification
Cambridge, Queens’ College Chapel2002III/32Restoration of 1892 Binns organSpecification
Cambridge St Catharine’s College1936III/31Organ removed by Johnson, altered and transferred (without case) to St John’s Church, St Leonards, 1979 
Cambridge, St John’s College Chapel1922IVRebuilt by HN&B 
Cambridge, Selwyn College Chapel1975II/21Moved to St Andrews University 1990 
   by A.F. Edmonstone 
Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College1963II/20Moved to Vittuone Parish Church, Milan (Italy) by Pietro Corna of Bergamo, 2016 
   Replaced by new Mander in 1994 
Cambridge, Trinity College Chapel1912IV/74Replaced by new Metzler in 1975 
Cambridge, Trinity Hall1922II/6Replaced by new Lund in 2006 
Campbeltown, Highland Church1954II/11  
Campbeltown, Lochend United Free Church1922II/11  
Canterbury Cathedral Crypt1943II/11See Chislehurst 
Canterbury Cathedral2020IV/83New organ for the quire, based on a nucleus of Father Willis pipeworkSpecification
Cape Coast, West Africa, Christ Church1912II/6  
Cardiff, St Catharine’s Church1899III/35Rebuilt Hele & Co 1936 
Cardiff, Cathays Wesleyan Church1896III/24  
Cardiff, Conway Road, Wesleyan Church1901III/30Burnt down 1920 
Cardiff, Newport Road United Methodist Free Church1898II/19  
Cardiff, Pembroke Terrace, Wesleyan Calvinist Church1904II/16  
Cardiff, Plasnewydd, Presbyterian Church1902II/21  
Cardiff, Richmond Rd, Congregational Church1898III/25Burnt out 
Cardiff, Roath Presbyterian Church1900III/35  
Carlisle Cathedral1907IV/58Rebuilt 1962 by Walker, 1997 by David Wells 
Carlisle, St Aidan1902II/18  
Castle Eden (Hesleden), St John’s Church1889II/12Moved to Easington Colliery (rebuilt by John Lightbown) 
Castle Hedingham Congregational Church1901II/9  
Castle Howard Private Chapel1874III/22  
Castleside Wesleyan Church1905II/9  
Caterham School Hall1986 H&H 1950 organ from St Margaret’s, Streatham Hill, moved and enlarged by Hedley James 1980s. Burnt out 1999 
Catrine Parish Church1883II/14  
Causey Row Primitive Methodist Church1897   
Cawood, All Saints’ Church1910II/11  
Mr Michael Chamberlain: see Burrough-on-the-Hill    
Charlcombe, Bath, St Mary’s Church1915II/7  
Charterhouse School Chapel1927III/36           Specification
 1979 Restoration 
Chatteris Parish Church1935II/15Completed 1947 
Cheltenham College Chapel1930III/39Overhauled 1945, 1960 
 1976III/44Overhaul and some changes. 32ft reed 2013; overhaul 2017Specification
Chelwood Beacon, East Grinstead: see (Earl of) Donoughmore      
Chester-le-Street, Congregational Church1898II/11Rebuild & new Swell 
Chester-le-Street Wesleyan Church1894 2nd hand organ from Brunswick Church, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Chester-le-Street Parish Church1900II/25  
 1947 Restoration 
Chesters, Humshaugh, Mrs Alice Clayton1902II/12Cleaning 1960 (for Miss Phyllis Keith) 
Chestertown, Maryland, USA, Emmanuel Church1993II/23New organ, mechanical action          Specification
Chevington, St John’s Church1902II/12  
Chilton St Aidan’s Church1931II/7  
China: see Shanghai    
Chislehurst, College of St Nicholas (School of English
…………Church Music, later RSCM)
1931II/11Re-erected in Canterbury Cathedral Crypt,1943. To Addington Palace Chapel (RSCM) 1954 
   To Cleveland Lodge (RSCM) 1996 
   To Shrewsbury, St Alkmund 2006 (Trevor Tipple) 
Chorley Congregational Church1899II/16  
Chorley, St Joseph2006II/131903 H&H organ from Hedgefield, moved 2006 by Chris Bagot 
Chryston N.B, Parish Church1903II/19  
Cilfynydd, Moriah Congregational Church (Pontypridd)1903II/13Church closed; organ moved c1982 to Mount Pleasant, Maesycwmmer (not by H&H) 
Cincinnati University, USA,1967III/50In Corbett Auditorium 
College-Conservatory of Music    
Cirencester Parish Church2009IV/63New organ, including 30 Father Willis stopsSpecification
Clacton-on-Sea, Wesleyan Chapel1885   
A. Clapham Esq.: see Scarborough    
Mrs Alice Clayton: see Chesters    
Cleadon, All Saints’ Church1967II/14  
Cleator, St Leonard’s Church1903II/9  
Clent, St Leonard’s Church1904II/17Moved by others to Birmingham, Oratory of St Philip Neri, 1995 
Cleveland Lodge, Dorking (RSCM)  See Addington Palace 
Clifton-upon-Dunsmore Church, Rugby1893II/12  
Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire1979III/37Restoration of 1889 Gray & Davison organSpecification
Coalbrookdale, Holy Trinity Church1907II/25  
Cockfield Church1896I/5  
Cogan, Penarth, Holy Nativity Church1900II/9  
Colchester Town Hall, Moot Hall2015III/28Restoration of 1902 Norman & Beard organSpecification
Coldstream United Free Church1894II/15aka West UFC; became St Cuthbert’s in 1950. Became Church Centre in 1963. Organ removed (J Lightbown) in 1998 
Collierley, St Thomas’s Church1886II/13  
Coniston, St Andrew’s Church1908II/9  
Conistone, Yorks, St Mary’s ChurchDateI/5  
Consett, Christ Church1895II/23  
Copenhagen, St Alban’s Church2005II/21New organ, reusing 7 stops and casework from Walker organSpecification
Copley Primitive Methodist Church1906II/7To All Saints’, Croxton, Thetford 1986 (not moved by H&H) 
Corbridge St Andrew’s Church1884 Rebuild 
Cornsay Colliery, Methodist New Connexion Church1895II/9H&H bought 1961, to Dunston St Nicholas, rebuilt 1965 
Cosham, Portsmouth, St Philip’s Church1937II/6  
Coupar Angus, St Anne’s Church1887II/13  
Coventry Cathedral1962 New organ. Overhauled 1988Specification
Cowley, Oxford, St Luke’s Church1938II/14Moved to St Mark’s, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia by Peter Jewkes in 1999 
Coxhoe Church1914II/11  
Crail Parish Church, Fife1935III/28H&H organ for John Blyth, Kirkcaldy, 1894/1926, moved here by Scovell 1935 
Crawcrook Methodist Church, Ryton: see Ryton    
Crediton, Holy Cross Church1921III/43Rebuilt by Michael Farley 2001 
Crook, St Catherine’s Church1891II/12  
Crook Methodist New Connexion Church1874II/14  
 1899 Restoration. Rebuilt Blackett & Howden about 1924 
Cropton Parish Church2004II/7H&H 1889 from Kettlewell, moved here by Michael Fletcher 2004 
Croxton, Thetford, All Saints’ Church1986II/7Organ from Copley Primitive Methodist Church (H&H 1906) (Moved here by others) 
Croydon, Addington Palace  See Addington Palace 
Croydon, Fairfield Halls1964III/41  
Croydon Minster (Parish Church)1969IV/58Rebuild of Hill organSpecification
Cullercoats, St George’s Church1987II/26Restoration of 1885 Lewis organSpecification
Cwmpark, St George’s Church1896I/4Enlarged Salter of Neath 1934 
Daglingworth Church1918I/6  
Dalton-le-Dale Church1913II/8Completed 1921 
Darlington, Bondgate Wesleyan Church1886 Rebuild. † Only case survives 
Darlington, Eastbourne Methodist ChurchDateIII/25  
Darlington, Florence St Primitive Methodist Church1909 2nd hand from Egglescliffe (Denman of York). Church demolished 
Darlington, G. S. Shaw Esq.1878II/3  
Darlington, Greenbank Primitive Methodist Chapel1887II/20  
Darlington, Holy Trinity Church1868III/32Also 1873 and 1874 
Darlington, John Hoggett, Esq.1881IIIPractice organ, £39 
Darlington, North Road Wesleyan1881II/22New organ. Rebuilt in Northlands Methodist by Prested in 1960s 
Darlington, Rise Carr Primitive Methodist Church1900II/13 
Darlington, St Clare’s Abbey1917I/6  
Darlington, St George’s Presbyterian ChurchDateIII/22  
Dartford, Holy Trinity Church1910III/27  
Darwen, Duckworth Street Congregational Church1869III/30To Burnley, Hanover Methodist Free Church, 1905 
Dawdon St Helen’s Church1912II/14Also 1917, 1919. Completed 1965 
Denaby Main, All Saints’ Church1901II/18Bought by N. Drury, Doncaster 1974 (4 Cliff Cres, Warmsworth) 
Denby, St Mary’s Church1914II/16Rebuilt HNB 
Dent, Cumbria, St Andrew’s Church2009II/16Restoration of 1892 Vincent organSpecification
Denver Mills, T.E. Harris Esq.1935II/14From Woodyates Manor (H&H 1920), q.v. Moved to Addington Palace (RSCM) 1970, q.v. 
Deritend, St Basil’s Church: see Birmingham    
Dewsbury Parish Church1920III/39Rebuild of Willis organ † 
Dinnington Colliery Mission Church: later known as1913I/4Swell prepared for, II/6.  † Organ removed 
St Cuthbert’s, Brunswick Village  2019 (woodworm) 
Earl of Donoughmore, Chesterfield Gardens, London1910II/92nd-hand organ from Carlisle, rebuilt. Enlarged (3 manuals) and moved 1920 to Lord Donoughmore’s country house at Chelwood Beacon, East Grinstead, £1700. 1950 rebuilt for School of St Helen & St Katharine, Abingdon, q.v. 
Dormanstown, All Saints’ Church1932 Old organ from Hebden Bridge. (Dismantle & re-erect 1948) 
Douglas, IOM, St George’s Church2003II/22New organ, tracker actionSpecification
Downholme, St Michael’s Church1885 † Replaced in 1910 
Downpatrick Cathedral1914III/24  
Dublin, St Patrick’s Cathedral1994IV/65Repairs to 1902 Willis organ; detailed 
   voicing attention to restore Willis style, reversing some previous changesSpecification
Dumfries St John’s Church1938III/26  
 1969III/35Restoration and additions 
 2008III/37Restoration and additionsSpecification
Dumfries, St Mary’s Church1884 New organ, £459 
 1891 £100, addition of 3 stops. Rebuilt by Binns 1919 
Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada  See Fairbridge Farm 
Dundee, City (Caird) Hall1923III/50  
 1992 RestorationSpecification
Dundee, St Mary Magdalene Church1879II/22£558. Moved by Willis to Holy Epiphany Church, Moordown, Bournemouth 1956 
Dunedin, New Zealand, Anderson’s Bay Parish Church1952II/14  
Dunholme, Lincs, St Chad’s Church: see1952II/14  
South  Hylton Wesleyan Church    
Dunnington, York, St Nicholas’ Church1920II/8  
Dunoon, Holy Trinity1882II/9New organ, £204 
Duns, Christ Church1878II/16£342. Moved and rebuilt 1927 
Dunston, St Nicholas1965II/81895 H&H organ moved from Cornsay Colliery Methodist 
Durham, Dr Armes1880 To Durham Cathedral Song School c.1900 
Durham, Bede College Chapel1891 Built in 2 stages. Additions 1931 
 1939II/13Rebuilt in new chapel, Swell Organ added 
 1948 Case added 
 1977II/16New actions and alterations 
(= The Bede Chapel, College of St Hild & St Bede)1998II/17Addition of Swell Fifteenth 
Durham, Bethel Methodist New Connexion Church1898 Rebuild of Nicholson organ. Later rebuilt by Ward & Shutt 
Durham Cathedral1905IV/73Including 16 stops prepared for 
 1970IV/98Restoration and enlargementSpecification
Song Schoolc.1900 Ex Dr Armes 
Durham, Claypath Congregational Church1887II/10£192 
Durham, Hatfield College Chapel1883II/13£355. Altered by Prested, 1970 
 2001II/16Restoration and additions 
Durham, Dr James Lancelot1995II/5  
Durham Presbyterian Church1895II/10£184 
Durham Prison Chapel1926II/5Overhauled 1989 
Durham, Miss Quilter, The College1889 Moved to Sherburn, Yorks; and to Oxford, 1891 
Durham, St Cuthbert’s Church1946II/12From Bruce Hall, Tooting, London 
Durham, St Giles’s Church1882II/16New organ, £314 
Durham, St Hild’s College1922II/6  
(later = St Hild’s Chapel, College of St Hild & St Bede)1974 Restoration 
Durham, St John’s College Chapel1963II/11Moved to new Chapel in St Mary-the-Less 1976 (by Nigel Church) 
Durham, St John’s, Church, Neville’s Cross1912II/12  
Durham, St Margaret’s Church1880 Move & rebuild Wadsworth organ 
 1917III/25New organ with old pipework. Choir Organ added with west case designed by HS Harrison 
Durham, St Mary-le-Bow1910II/9Rebuild of G&D organ. Removed 1970s 
Durham, St Nicholas’ Church1909II/10Rebuilt Nelson 
Durham, St Oswald’s Church1915II/16Rebuilt H.E. Prested 1967, destroyed by fire 1988. (New Peter Collins) 
Durham School Chapel1943III/25Rebuild of G.T. Pattman’s “travelling” organ (H&H 1916) 
 1973 New case designed and donated by CTL Harrison 
 1989 Restoration 
Durham, Mr Smallwood1882III/4£47 
Durham, University College Chapel1880   
(Castle)1926II/9New organ incorporating Father Smith chair case and some pipework from Cathedral, £165 
 2011 Restoration 
Dysart Church, Scotland1890II/25Rebuilt Ingram (Edinburgh)1919 
Eamont Church, Penrith1876   
Earsdon Primitive Methodist Church1889 Second-hand organ from Danish Church, Newcastle 
East Ardsley Mission Church1889II/9Probably redundant and destroyed March 2002 
East Grinstead: see (Earl of) Donoughmore    
Eastbourne, All Saints’ Church1929III/31Enlarged to III/39 by K. James, 1988 
East Preston, Sussex, St MaryDate unknown Ex chamber organ, M. Foster, Stockton 
F.B.Eastwood, Esq.: see Woodyates Manor    
Ebchester Church1893I/5 
Eccles, St Andrew’s Church1920 Restoration. Later reconstructed by R&D 
Edinburgh, Greenside Church1886 Second-hand organ 
Edinburgh, Church of the Holy Spirit, Abbeyhill1890I/5  
Edinburgh, International Exhibition1890I/3  
Edinburgh, J. King Esq.1881 New organ, £55 
Edinburgh, Morningside Parish Church (previously known2004III/33Restoration of organSpecification
as Cluny Parish Church)  (Willis 1901/Rushworth & Dreaper 1929) 
Edinburgh, Mortonhall Crematorium1966II/9  
Edinburgh, St Giles’ Cathedral1878II/26New organ, £850 
 1884IV/60Rebuild with added Choir, Solo and Pedal. £1314 
Edinburgh, St John’s East Church1890 To St Bride’s Orwell Terrace 1957 
Edinburgh, St Mary’s Cathedral1931IV/50Rebuild of 1879 Willis organ 
 1959IV/55Restoration and additions 
 1979IV/58Restoration and additions 
 2020 RestorationSpecification
Edinburgh, St Matthew’s Episcopal Church1879I/5Moved to Lullingstone, Kent, St Botolph’s, in 1996 (not by H&H) 
Edinburgh, St Paul’s Church, York Place1906III/44Rebuilt R&D 1947 & 1990 
Edinburgh, Sacred Heart RC Church2013II/24H&H 1971, moved by others in 2013 from St John’s Episcopal Church, Perth 
Edinburgh, South College Street Church1885IIIRebuild. Subsequently rebuilt. † 
Edinburgh, Trinity College Chapel1880 New organ, £340. Church closed; organ to Haversham, Bucks 
Edinburgh, University: Reid School of Music.1952I/6Dr McClure’s extended mean-tone organ 
Edinburgh, Usher Hall2003IV/63Restoration of 1914 Norman & Beard organSpecification
Edinburgh, Water of Leith Mission1903   
Edington Priory, Wiltshire2014II/26New organSpecification
Edmundbyers Church1927I/6  
Egglescliffe, St John’s Church1909II/12Altered 1960 and subsequently 
Egham, Royal Holloway University of London College Chapel1978   
Eldon, St Mark’s Church1890II/10Replaced 
Ellenborough Primitive Methodist Church1913II/9Second-hand from Keswick. Redundant in 2011 
Ellingham Church, Northumberland1880II/13  
Ellingham, Hampshire, St Mary’s Church1918II/13  
Ellon, Parish Church1884 New organ 
Ely Cathedral1908IV/69  
 1976IV/78Overhaul and alterations 
 2000 RestorationSpecification
Continuo organ1990I/3  
Embleton, Holy Trinity Church1906II/13  
Eppleton, All Saints’ Church1883I£65 
 1894III/18Moved to Uppingham PC by Peter Collins in 2006 
Esh Laude, St Michael’s RC Church1901II/12  
Etherley Wesleyan Church1873I/7£105. + £47 in 1876 
 1906II/13New 4-stop Swell added 
Eton College Lower Chapel1969III/55Moved to Greenwich Parish Church, London by David Wells, 1999. Replaced by new Tickell organ 
Evenwood, St Paul’s Church1892IIOrgan and church burnt down in 1908 
 1909 Second-hand Brindley & Foster organ from Peebles 
Exeter Cathedral1933IV/56Rebuild of 1891 Willis organ,  Bombed and stored 1942. Re-erected 1946 
 1965IV/59Overhaul and alterations 
 1985 Overhaul and alterations 
 2003IV/69New Minstrel Organ and 32ft Trombone added 
 2014IV/70Major reconstruction: existing pipework 
Fairbridge Farm, nr. Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada1938II/13From Halsway Manor 1926. To Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, B.C. 1976 (not by H&H) 
Falkirk, Erskine United Presbyterian Church1889II/15To St Francis Xavier, Falkirk, 1905 
Fareham, Holy Trinity Church1913II/17Exported to Italy 1991 (not by H&H) 
Farnham Royal, Bucks: see Caldicott School.    
Fatfield, St George’s Church1888II/13£220 
Felling-on-Tyne, Coldwell Street Methodist Church1947II/18To Holly Hill Methodist, Felling 1973 by H&H. To St Paul’s, Monk Bretton 1978 (Wood Wordsworth) 
Felling, Holly Hill Methodist Church1973II/18From Felling, Coldwell Street Methodist (H&H 1947). To St Paul’s, Monk Bretton 1978 (Wood Wordsworth) H&H 1947 
Felling, St Patrick’s Church1887 Restoration 
Fenham, St Robert’s RC Church1981II/13New organ 
Ferrington: see Terrington    
Ferryhill, St Luke’s Church1885II/12Rebuild of Postill organ. New Swell organ 1895. Subsequently replaced by Nelson organ 
 1994II/20H&H installed Brindley organ from St James Derby, moving the Nelson organ to St Alban’s Trimdon Grange 
Foleshill, St Lawrence’s Church1960II/16New organ.  Console moved 1978 
 1992II/17(Gamba and Céleste separated) 
Ford, St Michael’s Church1914II/15Also 1936 
Forest Row, Sussex, The Parish Church1876II/8£130. Enlarged by Brame of Canterbury, c.2004 
Formby, Wesleyan Church1900II/14† Lost in fire 
Forres, St Laurence’s Parish Church1877IIIRebuilt by HNB. † 
Framwellgate Moor, Durham, St Aidan’s Church1906II/9  
Freshwater (I.O.W.), Arthur Starke Esq.1962II/16Temporary organ from Westminster Abbey (H&H 1957) and St Albans Cathedral 
 1968III/46Enlarged to 3-manual with Positive. Subsequently rebuilt by Michael Farley. Dispersed after Mr Starke’s death 
Frickley, Yorks., All Saints’ Church1937II/7  
Frogner Kirke, Norway: see Oslo   Specification
Garrigill: see Alston     
Garstang, St Thomas’s Church1895II/22£400 
G.D. Gasgoigne Esq, Newcastle1897III/?To Newcastle Brunswick Hall, 1905, q.v. 
Gateshead: see also Newcastle upon Tyne, Ryton    
Gateshead, Christ Church1884II/18?Rebuild and enlarge 1870 organ by unknown builder, £237. To St George’s Presbyterian Church, Jesmond, Newcastle, 1912. To St George’s Presbyterian, High Heaton, Newcastle 1938 (= St George’s URC from 1972) 
Gateshead, Durham Road Presbyterian Church1894II/20Sold to West Stanley Presbyterian about 1940 
Gateshead, High West Street Wesleyan Church1887   
Gateshead, Methodist New Connexion Church1897II/19Rebuild from Bethesda chapel 
Gateshead, Primitive Methodist Church (Victoria Road)1896II/10† Replaced 1964 
Gateshead St Edmund’s ChurchDate   
Gateshead, Ven. Bede’s Church1887III/24Pipework & soundboards from old organ of Christ Church, West Hartlepool. Rebuilt Blackett & Howden † 
Gateshead, Whitehall Road Methodist Church.DateII/18  
Gateshead Fell, St John’s Church1999 From St Aidan’s, Blackhill (H&H 1906) 
Georgetown, Demarara, Town Hall1891III/37£1195. Innards sold 1936 
Gilgil, Kenya, Pembroke School2015II/121946 H&H organ from Mirfield, House of the Resurrection, q.v. 
John Gillies Esq: see Greenock    
Gilsland, St Mary’s Church1901II/7  
Glasgow, Anderston Free Church1899III/29Later Gilmorehill Ch. of Scotland (Free Ch. closed 1959). R&D incorporated this in organ for St Thomas’ Church, St Helens, Lancs, 1961 
Glasgow, Anderston U.P/U.F. Church1882   
Glasgow, Barony Parish Church (United Free)1903II/24Destroyed by fire c.1947 
 1949III/46New organ. † Removed by R&D, 1990 
Glasgow, Bearsden Cross Parish Church2012II/221906 Lewis organ: new soundboards and actions, completion of specificationSpecification
Glasgow Cathedral  see St Mary/St Mungo 
Glasgow Cottier Theatre2014II/31Restoration of 1876 Willis organ, reversing previous alterations; re-creation of Willis console, tracker actions and Barker machineSpecification
Glasgow, G.T. Pattman, Esq.1916III/27“Travelling Organ” (with piano 4th manual). £3000 
   Rebuilt in Durham School Chapel 1943, q.v. 
Glasgow, Kelvinside, St Bride’s Episcopal Church2018II/19Restoration of 1864 Hill organ          Specification
Glasgow, Knightswood, Holy Trinity Church1960I/8NPOR D06949. 1886 H&H from St Luke, Townhead, Glasgow (NPOR D05353), moved here by Hilsdon (?) c.1960. Redundant in 2014 
Glasgow, Park Parish Church1934III/42Rebuild of Willis organ. 
Glasgow, St George’s Church in the Fields1883 New organ £573 
Glasgow, St Luke’s Episcopal Church1885 Later in Holy Cross Episcopal, Knightswood, Glasgow, 1960 
Glasgow, St Mary’s Cathedral (Episcopal)1909IV/54Also 1947. Subsequently rebuilt by HNB 
Glasgow, (St Mungo’s) Cathedral1996IV/69Overhaul of Willis/Walker organSpecification
(Church of Scotland)    
Glasgow St Stephen’s Church1885 Church amalgamated with Cowcaddens Church 1967 
Glasgow, St Thomas’s Wesleyan Church1893II/16† Church closed 
Glasgow, Townhead, St Luke1886I/8NPOR D05353. To Holy Trinity, Knightswood, Glasgow, c.1960, q.v. 
Glasgow University Memorial Chapel2000III/481928 Willis organ rebuilt with newSpecification
   mechanical structure 
Glasgow, Woodside Church: see Woodside1903II/25  
Glasshouses Wesleyan Church, Pateley Bridge1898II/13Later to Roman Catholic Church in Nadrin, Belgium 
Glenalmond College, Perth2007II/26New organSpecification
Glentanar, The Rt. Hon. The Lord1927IV/52For Glen Tanar House, Aberdeenshire. To Temple Church, London, 1954, q.v. 
Gloucester Cathedral1920IV/50† Replaced 1971 by new HNB 
Goathland, St Mary’s Church1900II/6  
Goodshaw Chapel, Newchurch, Lancs1866II/?30Demonstrated in Rochdale workshop by Dr Spark. See Elvin, The Harrison Story, pp 31-33 
Gore, NZ, St Andrew’s Presbyterian1960II/20  
Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne:    
Gosforth, All Saints’ Church1889III/31(15 prepared for) £576 
 1994 Restoration 
Gosforth, St Nicholas’ Church1884 New organ, £254. Rebuilt Binns, Fitton & Haley 1948 
   † Replaced by new Nicholson, 2000 
Gosforth, U. M. F. Church1878II/14New organ £315 
Gosforth, Wesleyan Church1891II/19£316 
Govilon, Christ Church1906I/7  
Great Broughton Methodist ChurchDate   
Great Lever, St Michael’s ChurchDate Thomas Harrison, Rochdale 
 unknown Built for Alderman TG Horridge. † 
Great Lumley: see Lumley    
Great Salkeld, St Cuthbert’s Church1889I/6  
Greenock, John Gillies Esq.1880 New organ, £183 
Greenock, St Paul’s Church1878II/7New organ £173. Later Willis 
Grimsby, Presbyterian Church1915II/10Organ moved to a new church in Weelsby Road 1932, with alterations. Rebuilt Jubb 2004 
Grindon, Co. Durham, St James’s Church1907II/10Now known as St James’s, Thorpe Thewles 
East Grinstead: see Chelwood Beacon III/42  
Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA, Christ Church2001III/49New organSpecification
Guisborough, St Nicholas’ Parish Church1876III 
Guiseley, St Oswald’s Church1910III/21Work by Laycock & Bannister 1971? 
   Restored by John Clough, 2006 
Haddington, Holy Trinity Church1877II/17New organ, £443. Subsequently R&D 
Hakadal Kirke, Norway2015II/17New organSpecification
Halifax Parish Church1929IV/52  
Halsway Manor, Somerset, W.N. Mitchell Esq.1926II/13To Fairbridge Farm, nr. Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada 1938. To Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, B.C. 1976 (not moved by H&H) 
Haltwhistle, Holy Cross1877II/14£315. Replaced by electronic 
Hamsterley Colliery, Christ Church1898II/10  
Hampton Court Palace, The Chapel Royal2013III/37Improvements to much-alteredSpecification
   1899 Hill organ; new actions, and restoration 
   of Hill musical style 
Hamsteels, St John’s Church1909II/6£220. Church closed; organ to IrelandSpecification
Joseph Harris Esq: see Brackenburgh Tower    
Mr & Mrs Harris: see Brackenburgh Tower    
Harrogate, Ashville College1900II/9Sold to Beeford Wesleyan & removed by Fitton & Haley 1927 
Harrogate, Grove Road Wesleyan1901III/26Redundant 2012, Transferred to St Vitus RC Church, Sailauf, Germany. Re-dedication service 14 December 2014 
Harrogate Primitive Methodist Church (Victoria Park)1901II/17Moved to Meanwood Methodist Church, Leeds, 1953 
Harrogate, St Luke’s Church1905III/27Gone 1980s 
Harrogate, St Mary’s Church1919III/24Church redundant 2009 
Harrogate St Wilfrid’s Church1928III/37Some stops prepared for: inserted 1943, 1969, 1982, 2012 
Harrogate United Methodist Free Church1901II/27  
Harrow School Speech Room1955IV/73 Specification
Hartlepool: see also West Hartlepool    
Hartlepool, Holy Trinity Church1873III/3412 stops prepared for. £350. Church closed 1950 
Hartlepool, Presbyterian Church1883III/7New organ £300. Rebuilt 1899. 
Hartlepool, J. K. Proctor Esq.1879II/11New organ £179 
Hartlepool, H. Robson Esq1896III/7To St Matthew’s West Hartlepool 1913; 
   to St Andrew’s Blackhall 1946 
Hartlepool, St Joseph’s RC Churchc.1998III/24H&H 1998 from West Hartlepool Wesleyan, moved here c.1998 by H.E.Prested 
Haslemere, St Bartholomew’s Church1929III/20Rebuilt by Willis 1981 
Haslingden Congregational Church1899III/28  
Haswell Wesleyan Church1893II/7Church Closed 
Havelock West, NZ: see Woodford    
Haverton Hill, St John’s Church1888II/15To St Chad’s, Roseworth, Stockton, c 1970 
Hawksworth Wood, St Mary’s Church1937II/9  
Haywards Heath, The Priory1963II/17To Sayers Common 1978 
Hebburn-on-Tyne, St Cuthbert’s Parish Church1879II/13New organ £245. Restored by John Budgen 1985 
Hebburn, St Oswald’s Church1909II/11£256, using old pipework, 3 stops prepared 
Hebden Bridge, St John’s Church1931II/9Church closed 1982; to Helpston (Peterborough), St Botolph (not moved by H&H) 
Hebden-in-Craven, St Peter’s Church1894I/6£112 
Hedgefield, St Hilda’s Church1903II/13Moved to St Joseph’s, Chorley 2006 
Heighington, St Michael’s Church1900II/18Overhauled H.E. Prested with minor alterations 
Helensburgh United Presbyterian Church (St Columba’s)1878IINew organ, £673. Lewis 1913 
Helmsley, All Saints’ Church1931II/19  
Helpston, Peterborough,  See Hebden Bridge 
St Botolph’s Church    
Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA    
St James’ Episcopal Church1999III/44 Specification
Henley, New RC Church, Derbyshire (Sacred Heart)1937II/6  
Hepstonstall Slack, Baptist Church (Mount Zion)1898II/19Exported to America 
Hereford Cathedral1978IV/67Restoration and alterations. Restored 2004Specification
Heworth, St Andrew’s Church, q.v. Leam Lane1961II/7  
Heworth, St Mary’s Church1882II/14New organ, £278 
Heytesbury, Wiltshire2011II/5Mark Venning (H&H 2003), moved from Durham 
High Spen P.M.C1900I/5Bought by C Bagot 2003 
High Spen, St Patrick’s Church: see Rowlands Gill    
Highworth, St Michael’s Church1908   
Hindhead, St Alban’s Church1946II/16From Marsh Court, H&H 1928 
 1957 Addition of Pedal Violone, to form new front 
Hitchin: see Caldicott School    
Holland, Michigan, USA,    
First United Methodist Church1982II/27New organ 
Holland, (Netherlands): see Rotterdam    
Holy Island, St Mary’s Church1954I/4From St Mary’s, Monk Hesleden. H&H organ built for Mr R. Thompson, Wingate 1882 
Holywell, St Mary’s Church1905II/8  
Horbury, St Peter & St Leonard1921III/20  
Horden, St Mary’s Church1913II/14Additions 1934 & 1949 
Horsham, Holy Trinity Church2001II/17Restoration of 1904 Willis organSpecification
Horwich Congregational Church1896II/21  
Houghton-le-Spring, St Michael’s Church1932III/27  
Hove, St Philip’s Church1924III/25  
Howden-le-Wear, St Mary’s Church1880II/12New organ £105. Rebuilt by Nelson. † Church closed 
Howden-on-Tyne, St Paul’s Church1891II/12£220 
Howick, St Michael’s Church1931I/4  
Hunwick, Co. Durham, Primitive Methodist Chapel1903II/8Later in Willington R.C. 
Hutton-in-the-Forest, St James’ Church1880I/2  
Hutton Magna, St Mary’s Church1888II/9  
Hythe, St Leonard’s Church1936III/36Rebuilt by Browne 
Location Date Size Details Downloads
Ickburgh, St Peter’s Date Unknown I/8
Idle, Baptist Church 1892 II/21 £500. † Replaced, probably when church demolished
Ilderton, St Michael’s Church 1879 I/6
Ilkeston, Holy Trinity Church 1909 II/15
Ilkley Congregational Church 1911 II/19 †Organ gone, probably when the church became Christchurch URC/Methodist LEP and was remodelled, 1980s
Ingleton Church, nr Darlington 1921 II/4 From Lady Margaret Hamilton Russell (H&H 1897)
Ingram, St Michael’s Church 1912 I/6
Irthington, St Kentigern’s Church 1935 II/8
Jarrow, St Mark’s Church 1925 II/8 † Church redundant
Johannesburg, Transvaal, S.A.R., 1890
Presbyterian Church
Herbert Johnson Esq, Marsh Court, Stockbridge 1928 II/16 To St Alban’s, Hindhead, 1946
Kearsley Moor, St Stephen’s Church 1890 II/23
Keighley, All Saints’ Church 1888 II/10 Restored 1902. Subsequently rebuilt
Keighley, Devonshire Street Congregational Church 1885
1895 III/41
Keighley, Holy Trinity Church, Lawkholme Lane 1888 II/23 £525
1891 III/33 3rd manual and 10 stops added. £224. Restored 1902
† Church demolished 1970s
Kells, New Galloway 1890 II/9
Kendal, St Thomas’ Church 1898 III/29 Rebuilt 1910
Kepwick Church 1935 II/6
Kerry Church, North Wales 1890 II/19 Rebuild of Gray & Davison organ
Keswick St John’s Church 1912 II/15
Kettlewell, St Mary’s Church 1899 II/7 Moved to Cropton PC by Michael Fletcher, 2004 †
Kilmarnock, Laigh Kirk 1878 II/19 New organ, £561. Subsequently rebuilt †
Kilmarnock, St Joseph’s RC Church 1903 II/17
Kinloss Parish Church 1879 £118
Kirbymoorside, Wesleyan Church 1903 II/15 To Clapham Methodist Church, London, by David Miller, 1980
Kirkby Overblow, All Saints’ Church 1905 II/6
Kirkcaldy, John Blyth Esq 1887 II/8 Small organ, removed to Broxburn RC Church 1892
1893 III/29 Large organ
1894 III/31 Large organ, additions
1926 III/28 Removed 1935 to Crail Parish Church by Scovell
Kirkcudbright, St Cuthbert’s Church 1886 II/27 Rebuilt Wilkinson, then R&D
Kirkham, St Michael’s Church 1905 III/25
Kirknewton. Midlothian, Meadowbank House 1893 II/28 1881 H&H organ from Melrose (J.A. Maconochie), moved for J.A. Maconochie-Wellwood
Kirkoswald, St Oswald’s Church 1882 II/8 New organ £131
Kirksandal, St Oswald’s Church 1937 II/14 1978 rebuilt, enlarged and electrified by Jubb in St Mary Wainfleet, Lincs
Knottingley, St Botolph’s Church 1863
Ladybarn, Manchester: see Withington    
Lagos, Christ Church Cathedral1901I/6  
Lagos, Festac Town: see Lagos, St John’s Church    
Lagos, Jehovah Shalom Cathedral1968II/13  
Lagos, St John’s Church1906II/6Moved to new church (by others) in 1972. To African Church of Pentecost, Festac Town, Lagos, 1985 
Lagos, St John’s Church, Aroloya1985III/48Replacing H&H 1906 
(= St John’s Church, but new building)    
Lagos, St Jude’s Church, Ebute Metta1908I/4Sunk in Lagos harbour, replaced the following year 
Lagos, St Paul’s Church, Breadfruit1907II/12Replaced by new organ, 1965. Pipes to new organ in Kano by Fayemi & Jones 
Lake Forest, Illinois, USA, Church of the Holy Spirit1972III/42  
 1994III/49Rebuilt and enlarged. New Tromba 2011Specification
Lamberhead Green, Lancashire, Wesleyan Church1893II/13Rebuild 
Lambeth Palace Chapel: see London    
Lamesley, St Andrew’s Church1964II/21  
Lancaster Congregational Church1895II/20  
Lancaster Priory (= Lancaster Parish Church)1922III/3920 of 39 stops prepared for 
 1965 Completion. †  Superseded by electronic in 1982 
 2012 H&H 1904 organ from Blackburn Girls’ High School, rebuilt by David Wells as chancel division of larger scheme 
Dr James Lancelot, Durham1995II/5Moved to Tewkesbury 2017 
Lanchester, All Saints’ Parish Church1907III/16Overhauled 1986. Restored by Wood of Huddersfield 2002 
Lanchester, All Saints’ RC Church1985II/7New organ 
Lapworth, Birmingham, St Mary’s Church1881II/10£188.  From York Exhibition (H&H 1879), enlarged. Restored 1964 
Largs, St Columba’s Church1882II/12£125. Also 1892. Rebuilt 1947. Restored 1998 
Laurencekirk, St Laurence of Canterbury Church1878 £95.  Rebuild.  Replaced late c19? 
Lazonby, St Nicholas’ Church1882  £189.  Rebuild 
Leadgate, St Joseph’s RC Church (=Brooms)1901II/18  
Leagrave, St Luke’s Church1954II/10From Bedford Catholic Apostolic Church (1910); originally at Scarborough, A. Clapham Esq. (H&H 1876).   Replaced 1977 
Lea Town, Preston, St Mary’s Church2012II/12Restoration of mid-C19 Wheildon organSpecification
Leck, St Peter’s Church1915II/17  
Leconfield, Beverley, Garrison Church1980II/17New organ 
Leeds Baptist Church1898II/16Bought by H&H 1942 
Leeds, Hostel of the Resurrection1928 From All Saints’, Margaret Street Choir School. Originally Sir George Newnes, Putney, London (H&H 1891).  Rebuilt by R&D 
Leeds Infirmary, St Luke’s Chapel1947II/6  
Leeds Parish Church1913IV/76Also 1949. Subsequently rebuilt by others 
Leeds, St Chad’s Church, Far Headingley1910III/37  
Leeds University Great Hall1958III/58 † 
Leicester Cathedral1930IV/48  
Leigh, St Mary’s Church1910III/34Restored 1964 
Leigh, St Thomas’ Church, Bedford1920III/37Church closed 2015, organ redundant 
Leighton Buzzard Parish Church1989III/35New organSpecification
Lemington Primitive Methodist Church, Algernon Road1892I/6  
 1925II/10 Restored and enlarged 
Lerwick United Presbyterian Church1888II/7  
Leslie West United Free Church (= Trinity)1903II/7Rebuilt by others ? 
Lichfield Cathedral2000IV/82Restoration of 1884/1908 Hill organ, with additions including Nave OrganSpecification
Lincoln Cathedral1960IV/64Conservative rebuild of 1998 Willis organ.  Restored 1998Specification
Mr Lindsey: see Sans Souci (Belfast)    
Linlithgow St Michael’s Church (The Abbey)1877II/29New organ £700. 1895 & 1912 Ingram, 1960 R&D. Superseded 
Little Missenden, St John’s Church1948II/15Alterations 1969 
Liverpool, Anfield Wesleyan Church1897III/29  
Liverpool Cathedral1976V/145Overhaul of Willis organ 
Liverpool, Princes’ Avenue Primitive Methodist Church1899II/26Replaced 
Liverpool, St Peter’s Wesleyan Church1895II/24  
Llandaff, All Saints’ Church1896II/10Also 1914. Destroyed in Blitz 1941 
Llandyfriog Church1922I/3  
Llanelli, Greenfield Baptist Church1903II/15  
 1968II/16Restored & altered 
Llansantffraid-on-Usk, St Bridget’s Church1900II/8  
Loftus Congregational Church1894I/3Removed to new church 1906 
London Colney, All Saints’ Convent1963II/18Later = All Saints’ Pastoral Centre 
   Old organ (Whiteley) moved to Nashdom Abbey 1962 
Long Newton Church1873I/7£105, using some older material 
Longhoughton, St Peter’s Church1935I/4  
Lound, St John’s Church1913II/14  
Low Fell Congregational Church, Cromer Avenue1949II/12  
Low Fell Primitive Methodist Church1896I/3  
Ludworth, St Andrew’s Church1909I/4To St Aidan’s, Acomb, York 
Lullingstone, Kent, St Botolph’s Church1996I/5From St Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Edinburgh (H&H 1879); moved by others 
Lumley, Christ Church1886II/12£150.  Moved by others to All SS, North Wootton, Norfolk c. 1985 
Luton Primitive Methodist Church became Hightown Methodist                Church, Luton, 19791898II/28Old organ from St Thomas’ Kendal, rebuilt.  Altered by G&D 1928 
 1905II/13?F. Halliday? 
Dr McClure: see Wellington, Salop    
Colin J. Mackenzie Esq, Portmore House, Peebles 1882/85 £785 
J.A Maconochie Esq., Melrose1881 £228 
 1893 Moved to Meadowbank House, Kirknewton, Midlothian, for J.A.Maconochie-Wellwood 
Maesteg, St Michael’s Church1898II/19  
Maesycwmmer: see Cilfynydd     
Maidenhead, All Saints’ Church, Boyne Hill1931III/25Action electrified by Bower & Co., 2003 
Malton, Norton Wesleyan Chapel:  see Norton    
Malton, St Leonard’s Church1907II/15To Malton, St Michael’s 1948 
Malton, St Michael’s Church1865III/26Taken by H&H for material value in 1948; replaced by H&H organ from Malton, St Leonard’s 
Malton, Wesleyan Chapel1882 III/21New organ £394, † Removed except for front, 1990s 
Manchester: see also Withington (aka Ladybarn), Wythenshawe    
Manchester Cathedral1917V/67Improvements to Hill organ 
 1933 IV/79Rebuild: included Father Smith organ, 7 stops 
 1940 (Organ badly damaged by bombing) 
 2017 Organ replaced by new Tickell incorporating a few H&H ranks 
Manchester, Deansgate, St John’s Church 1915II/15To Stand PC, incorporated in rebuild by Smethurst, 1956 
Manchester, Northenden: see Northenden    
Manchester, Ladybarn: see Withington    
Manchester, L. Pilkington Esq 1900 II/13To Brook Lane Baptist Church, Alderley Edge 1939 
Manchester, Withington: see Withington    
Manfield All Saints’ Church1891II/14£319 
Mansfield Parish Church1970III/26From Clare College Cambridge (H&H 1911), moved by others 
March, St Wendreda’s Church1900II/9Two stops replaced by others  c. 1975 
Marsh Court, Stockbridge, Herbert Johnson Esq.1928II/16To Hindhead Parish Church 1946 
Marske-on-Sea, St Mark’s Church1899II/15Rebuild. Replaced 
Marton-in-Craven Church1897II/8Overhauled Holmes & Swift 1985 
Masham, St Mary’s Church1923II/20  
Maulden, Bedfordshire, Parish Church1870II/19Rebuilt or replaced by Binns 
Medomsley Wesleyan Church1920I/3  
Melbourne, Australia, St Mark’s Church, Fitzroy  See Cowley, St Luke’s Church 
Melbourne, Australia, St Paul’s Cathedral1990IV/53Restoration of 1890 Lewis organSpecification
Melrose: see J. A. Maconochie Esq.    
Merchant Taylors’ School: see Northwood    
Merstham St Katharine’s Church1913II/18£578 
Merthyr Tydfil, High Street Baptist Church1900II/14  
Merthyr Tydfil, Seion Baptist Church1902II/23£1195 
Middlesbrough Asylum (later renamed St Luke’s Hospital)1899II/14Moved to Swainby Parish Church 1993 
Middlesbrough, Christ Church Unitarian1898II/8† Pipes only purchased H&H 1971 
Middlesbrough, Love Memorial Chapel1889II/13  
Middlesbrough Presbyterian Church1884III/14£350. Dismantled and stored by A. F. Ward 1939. Offered by him for sale 1942 
Middleton-in-Teesdale Primitive Methodist Church1898 II/12Moved to St Gregory’s Catholic Church, Chorley c 1982 
Middleton St George, St Lawrence1896IIRebuild. Redundant 2010s 
Middleton Tyas Church1887 Restoration 
Milan, Italy, Vittuone Parish Church:
         see Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
Milborne Port, St John’s Church1912II/12  
Millom Holy Trinity Church1930II/8  
Mirfield, House of the Resurrection1946II/12From Major Barned 1906 (moved by Willis). 
 1963 Rebuild.  Organ replaced 2012; to Pembroke House School, Gilgil, Kenya 2015 
 2012II/361989 H&H organ from Burrough-on-the-Hill (Mr Michael Chamberlain) 
W.N. Mitchell,  Esq.: see Halsway Manor    
Monk Bretton, St Paul’s Church1978II/18From Felling (H&H 1947), q.v., moved by Wood Wordsworth 
Monk Hesleden, St Mary’s Church1882I/4H&H organ built for Mr R. Thompson, Wingate, 1883. To St Mary’s, Holy Island 1954 
(Low) Moorsley Wesleyan Church1896I/5  
Moreton, Christ Church : see Thornhill    
Morpeth Presbyterian Church (St George)1880II/15£348 
Morpeth, E. Hopper, Esq.1879 2nd-hand organ from Christ Church, Duns, £100 
Morpeth, St James’s Church1870III/40£1000. Rebuilt 1894, 1 stop added 
Morpeth, Wesleyan Church1894II/10To Windy Nook Methodist, by H. E. Prested about 1971-2 
Morton Parish Church, Thornhill, Dumfries: see Thornhill    
Countess of Morton, Wilkieston, NB1883 Repairs 
Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh1967II/9  
Mundford, St Leonard’s Church1912III/11  
Murton, Co. Durham, Bible Christian Chapel1902II/6Moved to Greenhill Methodist, Murton, 1905 
Murton, Co. Durham,  Primitive Methodist Church1892II/14Incorporating old one-manual organ from St Peter’s Wallsend. Moved to adjacent new (St Paul’s) Methodist Church 1963. Rebuilt by Martin Renshaw in 1830s style for Church of St Pie X, St Cyr sur Loire,  Tours, France 2008 
Murton, Co. Durham, Wesleyan Church1888I/52nd- hand organ from Collierley Church 
   Later to Easington Village Methodist 
Murton, Glamorgan, Wesleyan Church, Mansfield Road1905 II ? 
Musselburgh, St Peter’s Episcopal Church1943II/12Works Organ 
Location Date Size Details Downloads
London, Barking by the Tower, All Hallows’ Church 1909 III/32 Bombed WW2
1957 III/44 New organ
London, Major Barned: see London, Sussex Square
London, Battersea, St Luke’s Church 1914 III/21 Lewis organ rebuilt with new mechanical structure Specification
London, Bedford Park, St Alban’s Church 1904 III/35
London, Bishopsgate, St Ethelburga’s Church 1912 II/10 Destroyed by bomb 1993
London, Blackheath, All Saints’ Church 2015 III/43 Rebuild of much-altered Hill organ  Specification
London, Bourne St, St Mary’s Church 2006 III/40 Restoration of 1929 Willis organ Specification
London, Bryanston Square, St Mary’s Church 1922 III/23
London, Chelsea, St Luke’s Church 1907 II/9 To Nottingham, Sherwood, 1938
London, Clapham Methodist Church 1980 II/15 H&H 1903 from Kirbymoorside Wesleyan, moved here 1980 by David Miller
London Coliseum 1918 II/10 £892.  Two organs, Brass and Woodwind, in orchestra pit with separate keyboards.  No trace remains
London, Earl of Donoughmore, Chesterfield Gardens:
see Donoughmore 
London, Earlsfield, St Andrew’s Church 1921 III/21 Only II/9 installed, remainder prepared for
London, Freemasons’ Hall, Grand Temple 2015 III/50 Restoration of 1933 Willis organ; addition of Grand Organ chorus and Tuba           Specification
London, Godolphin & Latymer School: see London, 
Hammersmith Girls’ School
London, Greenwich Parish Church 1999 III/55 From Eton College Lower Chapel (H&H 1969). Moved by David Wells
London, Hammersmith Girls’ School 1914 II/7 Now Godolphin & Latymer School
London, Hampstead Parish Church 1964 III/43 Rebuilt by Richard Bower 1996
London, Hanover Square, St George’s Church 1972 III/50 Replaced by Richards, Fowkes organ 2012
London, Holborn, St Sepulchre’s Church 1932 II/13
London, Islington, Union Chapel 2013 III/37 Restoration of 1877 Father Willis organ Specification
London, Kilburn, St Augustine’s Church 1915 IV/48 Based on 1871 Willis organ; new console and actions.  IV/48 includes preparation for Solo Organ (6 stops) and 4 other stops
London, Lambeth Palace Chapel 1956 II/11 From St Faith’s, N. Shields (H&H 1907)
London, Langham Place, All Souls’ Church 1976 IV/73 Rebuild. Also 1998 Specification
London, Lombard Street, Church of 1919
St Edmund King and Martyr
London, Margaret Street, All Saints’ Church 1910 IV/62 And 1957
2002 IV/63 Restoration Specification
London, Margaret Street, All Saints’ Choir School
see London, Putney, Sir George Newnes
London, Muswell Hill Presbyterian Church 1903 III/26 £935
London, Muswell Hill, St James’ Church 1913 III/47 Alterations 1935.  † Destroyed 1940
Temporary organ supplied 1943 (Bishop 1864, II/10 from Musselburgh); this went to St Stephen-on-the-Cliffe, Blackpool in 1952, then moved 1981 by others to Winchmore School
1955 III/55 New organ. Restored 2010 Specification
London, Myddelton Square, St Mark’s Church 1975 II/9 H&H 1897/1958, moved here from Royal Free Hospital, London. See Newcastle, Brunswick Hall
London, Primrose Hill, St Mary’s Church 1991 III/35 Hill organ 1872, Mander 1960: overhaul and action improvements, 1991 and 2011 Specification
London, Putney, Whitelands College 1949 II/15 Also 1964
London, Putney, Sir George Newnes 1891 II/7 £294.  To All Saints’ Margaret St Choir School; then to Leeds, Hostel of the Resurrection 1928
London, Red Lion Square, St John’s Church 1926 Bombed WW2
London, Royal Albert Hall 1924/1933 IV/146 Rebuild of Father Willis’s magnum opus
1972 Repairs; replacement of console mechanism. Organ rebuilt by Mander 2004
London, Royal College of Music
Concert Hall 1958 III/40 Rebuild. Organ replaced by new Flentrop 2017
Henry Ley Organ (Recital Hall, then Room 83) 1966 II/13 New tracker organ
London, Royal Festival Hall 1954 IV/103
2000-2014 Restored and reconfigured
London, Royal Free Hospital 1958 II/9 Rebuild of H&H 1897 from Newcastle Brunswick Hall, q.v. To St Mark’s Myddelton Square 1975
London, Sloane Street, Holy Trinity Church 2012 IV/68 Rebuild of much-altered Walker organ, based on original style of 1894 Specification
London, Southwark Cathedral 1991 IV/61 Restoration of 1897 Lewis organ Specification
London, Strand, St Clement Danes Church 1958 III/37 New organ
1963 III/38 Console moved, Pedal Flute 8 added
London, Streatham Hill, St Margaret the Queen 1908 III/36 £1,500
London, Streatham Park, St Alban’s Church 1950 II/11 “Temporary organ”(new): first stage of proposed 3-manual.  Moved to Caterham School Hall 1986 by Hedley James
London, Sussex Square, Major Barned 1906 II/12 Erected by Willis in House of Resurrection, Mirfield 1946, q.v.
London, The Swedish Church (Marylebone) 1976 II/20 Including pipework and cases from old organ byÅkerman & Lund
London, The Temple Church 1954 IV/61 From Glen Tanar, Aberdeen (H&H 1927), with addition of 32ft reed
2013 IV/66 Restoration and additions Specification
London, Tooting Graveney, All Saints’ Church 1906 III/41
1948 Overhaul and conversion to electro-pneumatic action
London, Upper Norwood, St John’s Church 1999 III/36 Restoration of Lewis organ; tonal work to reinstate original style           Specification
London, West London Synagogue 1908 IV/55 Incorporating G&D pipework
London, West Ham Parish Church 1986 II/21 Specification
London, Westminster Abbey 1937 IV/84 New organ, retaining some Hill pipework Specification
1959 Overhaul, reinstatement of Pearson organ cases
1982/1987 V/105 Restoration and enlargement, addition of Bombarde Organ
“Portable” (temporary) organ 1957 II/12 Then temporarily to St Albans Abbey; to Arthur Starke, Freshwater, I.O.W. (q.v.) 1962
London, Westminster Cathedral, Grand Organ 1984 IV/78 Restoration of Willis organ Specification
Apse Organ 1984 II/21 Rebuild of Lewis organ
London, Westminster Central Hall 2011 IV/66 Rebuild of much-altered 1912 Hill organ, based on original style Specification
London, Whitelands College: see London, Putney
London, Woolwich, St Mary’s Church 1906 III/37
Nadrin, Belgium (R.C. church): see Glasshouses    
Nairn Congregational Church1877I/10New organ £224. Altered by Wadsworth 1906 
Nelson, Carr Road Wesleyan Church1894III/32  
Nelson, Primitive Methodist Church1896II/29  
Nelson, Reedyford Wesleyan Church1896III/33  
Nelson, St Philip’s Church1895II/11  
Nenthead Wesleyan Church1878II/7New organ £107. †  Replaced 
Netherton, Dudley, Worcs, St Andrew’s Church1867II/26CTLH visited 1954-6? Subsequently rebuilt 
Nettlesworth Methodist New Connexion Church1894II/8  
Newbottle Wesleyan Church, Durham1897II/192nd-hand organ from Batley. Moved to Shiney Row Trinity Methodist, 1972 †  
New Brancepeth, St Catherine’s Church1948 I/?From Seamen’s Mission, West Hartlepool 
Newburn, St Cuthbert’s Church: see Blucher    
Newburn, St Michael Church2007II/18Restoration of 1885 F.C.Nicholson organSpecification
Newcastle upon Tyne: see also Blucher, Gateshead, Gosforth, Newburn     
Newcastle, Brunswick Hall1905IIIMr G.D. Gascoigne’s organ, Newcastle (H&H 1897) 
 1958 Rebuilt as 2-manual and moved to Royal Free Hospital, London.  To St Mark’s, Myddelton Square, London 1975 
Newcastle, Brunswick Wesleyan Church1892III/31  
Newcastle Cathedral1911IV/69  
 1954IV/75Rebuilt Nicholson of Worcester 1981 
Newcastle City Hall1929IV/64  
Newcastle, Danish Church1889I/6To Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick Park, York 1953 
Newcastle, Dilston Road Wesleyan Church1897II/173 prepared stops added later by Ward (III/20).  Exported c.2012 
Newcastle, G.D.Gascoigne Esq.1897III/?To Newcastle, Brunswick Hall 1905, q.v. 
Newcastle, St Andrew’s Church, Newgate St1971III/42Rebuild of 1895 Binns 
Newcastle, St Andrew’s RC Church, Worswick Street1997II/12From Tudhoe RC (H&H1928, originally Whitby, St Hilda’s 1894) 
Newcastle, St Augustine’s ChurchDate unknownII/19Church closed 
Newcastle, St Barnabas’ Church1905II/17No longer there 
Newcastle, St George’s Presbyterian Church, High Heaton    
became St George’s United Reformed Church in 1972. 1938III/29H&H 1884, moved here from St George’s Presbyterian, Jesmond, see next entry 
Newcastle, St George’s Presbyterian Church, Jesmond1912III/29From Christ Church, Gateshead (H&H 1884). Moved to St George’s Presbyterian, High Heaton, Newcastle 1938 
Newcastle, St John’s Church1909III/24  
 1996III/28Restored: Posaune rank and Great Mixture III addedSpecification
Newcastle, St Jude’s Church1894II/9Church redundant 
Newcastle, St Lawrence’s Church (Byker?)1896   
Newcastle, St Paul’s Church (Elswick)1892 Repairs 
Newcastle, St Robert’s RC Church, Fenham1981II/13New organ 
Newcastle, St Thomas’s Church1961IV/62Rebuild and enlargement of Binns organ 
Newcastle, Wesley Hall , Elswick1902II/20To St Michael’s RC Newcastle, by Kent 1949 
Newchurch-in-Rossendale1864III/38Demonstrated by WT Best at Rochdale Public Hall, q.v.  Rebuilt Abbott & Smith 1896 
New Delaval Primitive Methodist Church1890 2nd hand organ from Kerry 
Newfoundland, Cochrane Street Methodist Church,1916III/46Replaced  
St John’s Church    
Sir George Newnes, Putney, London1891II/7£294. To All Saints’ Choir School, Margaret St, London then to Leeds, Hostel of Resurrection, 1928 
Newton Hall, Northumberland, St James’s Church1890II/10Rebuilt subsequently 
Newton Moor, Northumberland, Wesleyan Church1883 New organ £174 
New Zealand: see Auckland, Woodford    
Nigeria, Lagos: see Lagos    
Norham Parish Church, Northumberland1869 Replaced by Binns organ 
Normanton (nr Pontefract), All Saints’ Church?1871   
Northampton, St Matthew’s Church2006IV/49Restoration of 1895 Walker organSpecification
Northenden, Manchester, St Wilfrid’s Church1953II/10Temporary organ (not H&H), from St Stephen’s Blackpool, 
   moved to St Peter’s RC, Newall Green, Wythenshawe 1962 
 1962II/18New organ 
Northlaw School: see West Tytherley    
North Ormesby, Holy Trinity Church1875II/21£340.  Rebuilt & enlarged 1883, burnt 1977.  Picture in Harrison Story 
North Shields, Coach Lane Wesleyan Church1914III/312nd hand from Southport, Emmanuel Church 
North Shields, St Faith’s Church1907II/9To Lambeth Palace Chapel, London, 1956 
North Shields, St Peter’s (Balkwell)1940II/12  
Northwood, Middlesex, Merchant Taylors’ School1982II/20New organ 
North Wootton, Norfolk, All Saints’ Church c. 1985II/12H&H 1886 from Christ Church, Lumley 
Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, Mark Foster Esq1901II/6  
Norton, near York, St Peter’s Church1877?   
Norton near (juxta) Malton, Yorks:    
Old Parish Church (= St Nicholas’)1873 £232. Transferred to St Peter’s 1894. Superseded, or possibly incorporated in 1911 Dix organ. (St Nicholas’ demolished 1901) 
St Peter’s Church 1957III/26Rebuild of Dix organ cited above. Rebuilt Principal Pipe organs 1989. (This church replaced St Nicholas’ in 1894; completed 1911) 
Wesleyan Church1890II/8 (+2)  
Norway: see Hakadal, Oslo    
Nottingham, Albert Hall1993IV/59Restoration of Binns organSpecification
Nottingham High School2003II/5New organ in the Recital Hall 
Nottingham, Sherwood, St Martin’s Church1938II/9From St Luke’s, Chelsea, London (H&H 1907) 
Oakengates, Holy Trinity Church1905II/10  
Oakenshaw, St Andrew’s Church1901II/22Restored 1985 M. Fletcher, Halifax 
Oakworth, Keighley, Wesleyan Chapel1889III/30Moved to Parkstone Baptist, by Osmond 
Old Monkland Parish Church1907II/14  
Oslo, Norway, Frogner Kirke2017III/53New organ, including 33 stops by Nilsen 1899Specification
Oundle School Chapel1927IV/64Including west division, 8 stops
Additions & alterations 1960 by Nicholson. Replaced by new Frobenius 1985
Oxford, Balliol College Chapel1938III/24Restored 1992 
Oxford, Christ Church Cathedral1922IV/48And 1930. Replaced by new Rieger 1979 
Oxford, Cowley, St Luke’s Church: see Cowley    
Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall1934II/15Also 1983 
Oxford, Lincoln College Chapel1935II/7Altered 1968. Replaced by new Tickell, 2010 
Oxford, Magdalen College (private rooms)c.1868 I/?  
Oxford, Magdalen College Chapel1936III/35Also 1958. Rebuilt by HNB 1963.  To St Edward’s School, Oxford 1985 by Deane Organ Builders with some tonal changes.  Replaced at Magdalen by new Mander 1986 
Oxford, The Queen’s College Chapel1861III/60?£800. Testimonial from Stainer † 
Oxford, St Clement’s Churchc.1868II/?“Using the old organ” 
Oxford, St Edward’s School: see Magdalen College Chapel    
Oxford, St Giles’ Church1867II/30£554. Replaced by Hill 1875 
Oxford, St John’s College Chapelc.1868III/27 
 1936II/18Rebuilt by HNB 1960s. Replaced by Aubertin 2008 
Oxford, Sheldonian Theatre1963III/33New organ, re-using some Willis pipework 
Oxford, Somerville College Chapel1937II/15 Specification
Oxford, Trinity College Chapel1965II/25Additions 1972.  Altered by Collins c.2015 
Oxford, Worcester College Chapel2005II/18Restoration of 1865 Nicholson organ, with additionsSpecification

Padiham Wesleyan Church1898II/21In 1988 had been disused for 20 yrs but church still open, available for disposal 
Paisley Abbey2009IV/67Restoration of 1968 Walker/Cavaillé-Coll organ; addition of 32ft Bombarde; provision  of traditional wind systemSpecification
Paisley, North Parish Church1906II/21  
Pallion, Sunderland, St Luke’s Church1879II/12£120, only 3 stops provided.  Gone. 
Pant, Christ Church1900II/9Fifteenth added by others 
Pateley Bridge, St Cuthbert’s Church1899III/26Case from older organ 
Pattishall House (F.H. Burn Esq): see Towcester    
Peebles, Portmore House, Colin J. Mackenzie Esq1882/85III/20£782 in 1885 – replacement after fire?  Seen by CTLH in 1990. 
Peebles, St Peter’s Church1909III/16  
Penarth, Cogan Holy Nativity Church1900II/10  
Penarth, St Augustine’s Church2000III/33Restoration of 1895 Hill organSpecification
Penrith Parish Church1870II/24Replaced or rebuilt 
Penshaw, All Saints’ Church1883II/12New organ £220 
Percy, St John’s Church (Tynemouth)1864II/22Replaced 
Perth, St John’s Episcopal Church1889III/38Replaced by Binns 1909 
 1971 II/24New organ. Moved by others in 2013 to Sacred Heart RC Church, Edinburgh 
Perth, St Paul’s Church1890II/23Removed to St Columba’s South Church, Moss St, Elgin 1990 (not by H&H) 
Peterborough Cathedral1982IV/86Restoration of Hill organ, with alterations. Restored 2004 after fire damage. 
 2016IV/89Pitch Change. Addition of  Tuba MirabilisSpecification
Peterborough, St John’s Church1917III/35  
Peterborough, Westgate Church: see York, St John’s     
Training College    
L. Pilkington Esq, Manchester1900 II/13To Brook Lane Baptist Church, Alderley Edge 1939 
Pinner Parish Church1914II/24Replaced 
Pittington, St Lawrence’s Church1905II/16Rebuild 
Pleasington Priory, Lancashire1995II/10H&H organ (1897) originally in South Shields Seamen’s Mission, q.v. Moved here from Trimdon Station Methodist by Chris Bagot, Chorley, with help from H&H 
Plumbland Parish Church (? St Cuthbert)1881 £56, new organ.  Replaced? 
Pollokshields Parish Church1913III/31  
Pontefract, All Saints’ Church1863 Gone 
Pontefract, St Giles’ Church1863 Gone 
Pontygwaith, St Mary’s Church1896I/4  
Pontypridd, Cilfynydd Congregational Church:
.      /  see Cilfynydd
“Portable” organ: see London, Westminster Abbey    
Portmore House, Peebles: see Colin J Mackenzie    
Portsmouth: see Cosham    
Preston: see also Lea Town    
Preston, St Saviour’s Church1864I/?£40 
Prestwich Hospital Chapel1925III/34Overhauled 1956 by Wilkinson 
J.K. Proctor, Esq., Hartlepool1879 II/11?£179.  Gone 
Prudhoe Wesleyan Church1902II/9To Whitchurch, Bristol 1972, q.v. Church derelict, organ derelict 2012 
Pudsey Wesleyan Chapel1882II/18New organ £416.  Church demolished, organ gone 
Pymoor, Holy Trinity Chapel of EaseDate unknown Single manual organ, no pedal 
Quarrington Hill Methodist Church1941 2nd-hand organ moved from Kelloe Methodist Church.  Church closed 
Miss Quilter, The College, Durham1889II/9Moved to Sherburn, Yorks; to Oxford, 1891 
Ravenstonedale, St Oswald’s Church1891II/14£283.  Still there c. 2000 
Redcar Parish Churchc. 1872   
Reading St Giles’s Church1998III/33Restoration and re-siting of 1888 Walker organ; reinstatement of tracker actionSpecification
Reading Town Hall1999IV/37Restoration of 1864/82 Father Willis organSpecification
Reepham Church, Norfolk1970II/8H&H 1906, transferred here by others in 1970 from adjacent St Michael’s Church, Whitwell 
Repton School Chapel1930III/34Overhauled 2008Specification
Rhymney, Moriah Congregational Church1904II/13  
Riccarton Parish Church1884 New organ £270.  Rebuilt.  Gone 
Richmond, Yorks, Holy Trinity Church1882II/12New organ £233.  Moved to Richmond School and rebuilt by H.E.Prested 1974 
Richmond, Yorks, St Mary’s Church1912III/43  
Richmond, Yorks, Mr Smith1892I/3  
Ripon Cathedral1912/26IV/51Rebuild of 1878 TC Lewis organ 
 1963IV/58Restoration, changes to Choir and Pedal 
 1988IV/59Repairs, Orchestral Trumpet added.  Second console 2001 
 2013 RestorationSpecification
Mr H. Robson, Hartlepool1896III/7To St Matthew’s, West Hartlepool 1913; to St Andrew’s, Blackhall 1946 
Rochdale Parish Church1959III/32Rebuild of 1885 Hill organ 

Rochdale Public Hall

(temporary installation)

1864 The organ for Newchurch-in-Rossendale Parish Church was temporarily installed in the Hall as an advertisement. Four concerts  on 19 & 20 August 1864 
Rochdale, Mr Standringc1868II/12  
Rochdale UMF Church1869III/33£540. Destroyed by fire 1870 
Rochdale, Water St Chapel1862 Repaired and revoiced 
Rochdale Wesleyan Church, Castlemere Street1868II/27Enlarged  to 3 manuals by Conacher 1925, sold to Jardine & Co. 1954.  1955 moved by Jardine to Holy Innocents’ Fallowfield.  Church demolished 
Rocky Mount, North Carolina, U.S.A.,1998II/22New organSpecification
Church of the Good Shepherd    
Rock, Northumberland, St Philip & St James2003III/21

Restoration of 1881 Gray & Davison organ

Rokeby, St Mary’s Church1895I/4Church closed 
Rosley, St Mary’s Church1895I/6  
Rossall School Chapel1925III/26Some changes by J.W Walker 1974 
Rotherham, Talbot Lane Wesleyan Church1904III/31Still there, unaltered, 2014 
Rotterdam, Holland, St Mary’s Church1920II/12  
Rowlands Gill, St Patrick’s Church1908II/6Now called High Spen 
Royal Holloway College: see Egham    
Royal School of Church Music (RSCM):    
see Addington Palace etc.    
Royton, St Paul’s Church1956III/33Rebuild 
Rugby: see also Clifton-upon-Dunsmore    
Rugby, Lawrence Sheriff School1983II/14  
Rugby School Memorial Chapel1923II/6  
Lady Margaret Hamilton Russell1897II/4To Ingleton Church, near Darlington, 1921 
 (aka Lady Margaret Scott, golf champion)    
Ruthin, St Peter’s Church1902II/23Swell Mixture added by R&D 1958.
Organ replaced by Willis 2003
Ryton, Gateshead, Crawcrook Wesleyan Church1888II/132nd-hand organ from Holy Trinity, South Hetton. Church closed 
Ryton, Gateshead, Holy Cross Church1886II/15Lewis & Co 1886.  Restored by H&H 1990 
 1990II/15Restoration of 1886 Lewis organ to original state, with re-creation of tracker actions.Specification
Ryton Wesleyan Church (Lane Head)1884II/15New organ £140 
Sacriston, St Peter’s Church1880I“New chancel organ”, £70 
 1901III/27Old 2-manual organ from St Mark’s, Wolverhampton, incorporating existing H&H Sacriston organ 
Sacriston, Wesleyan Church1907II/13 † Church demolished 
St Albans Cathedral (=Abbey)1962III/57New organ 
 2009IV/64Restoration and additions; Nave Organ (8 additional stops) prepared for (IV/72)Specification
St Andrews, Fife, Holy Trinity Church1966III/54Rebuilt. Alterations 1969, additions 1974, overhaul 2008Specification
St Andrews, Fife, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church1968II/31Rebuild 
St Andrews, Fife, University: see Cambridge, Selwyn College    
St Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, Wales2000IV/54New organ, based on 31 stops of Willis pipeworkSpecification
St Edmundsbury Cathedral: see Bury St Edmunds    
St Helens Parish Church1928III/41Subsequent work by R&D, David Wells 
St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, Cochrane Street    
        Methodist Church: see Newfoundland    
St Leonards, East Sussex, St John’s Church: see Cambridge,
          St Catharine’s College
St Louis, Missouri, USA, Hope United Church of Christ2002II/33New organSpecification
Sale, St Anne’s Church1889III/31Glasgow Exhibition organ. Lost? 
Salesbury, St Peter’s Church1893II/18Also 1901 
Salisbury Cathedral1978/93IV/65Restoration of Willis organ 
 2020IV/65Restoration, with new electro-pneumatic actions; consolidation of the 1934 Pedal chorusSpecification
Saltburn Parish Church1907III/31  
Sans Souci, Mr Lindsey (Belfast)1879 New organ £170 
Satley Church, County Durham1879I/5New organ £99 
Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A., Christ Church1972III/50Subsequently rebuilt by others 
Savannah,Independent Presbyterian Church1974III/49Replaced by new organ 
        Chapel Organ1974I/6  
Sawley, Derbyshire, All Saints’ Church1906II/8  
Sayers Common, West Sussex, The Priory1978II/18Was in Haywards Heath Priory (H&H 1963) 
Scarborough, A. Clapham Esq.1876II/10Moved to Bedford Catholic Apostolic Church 1910, & to Leagrave 1954 
Scarborough, St Martin’s Church1872IV/56£3,300, 1881 + £93.  To Sunningdale 1890; rebuilt 1971 by Bowen of Northampton 
Lady Margaret Scott (golf champion): 1897 II/4  
see Lady Margaret Hamilton Russell    
Scotter, Lincs, St Peter’s Churchc1868I/11In Cambridge leaflet 
 1903II/132nd manual added.  Prepared stops added 1971. Rebuilt by Jubb 
Scotton Camp Garrison Church1918   
Scremerston Parish Church, Northumberland1897II/162nd-hand material. Removed and scrapped 2017 
Seaham Harbour, St John’s Church1907II/14  
Seathwaite, Holy Trinity Church1877   
Sefton, St Helen’s Church1922II/24Rebuilt R&D, then Willis 
Seghill United Methodist Free Church1894II/112nd-hand organ from Clifton-upon-Dunsmore 
Seghill Wesleyan Church1894II/102nd-hand organ 
Seghill, Holy Trinity Church1892II/11  
Seoul Cathedral, South Korea1985II/20Also 2006Specification
Settrington Parish Church1872II/13(Rochdale name plate) 
Sevenoaks, The Drive Methodist Church2001II/12Workshop organ,1994, same design as Tunbridge Wells, St AugustineSpecification
Shanghai Cathedral1925III/45Copious correspondence in archive.  Survived WW2 intact, destroyed 1966Specification
Sherburn, Co. Durham, St Mary’s Church1874II/17£260 
Sherburn Hospital Church1895II/15Restored Brighton & Davison 1985 
Sherburn, Mr G. Wardle1891I/3£62?  Possibly II/3? 
Sherwood, Nottingham, St Martin’s Church: see Nottingham    
Shildon, Soho Street Methodist Church1874II/16  
Shincliffe, Co, Durham, St Mary’s Church1907II/10Restored after fire 1982 
Shipley, Rosse Street Baptist Church1900III/41Pipework to Guildford Cathedral 1960, R&D 
Shotton, Co.Durham, St Saviour’s Church1882II/14New organ £150 
Shrewsbury, St Alkmund’s Church: see Chislehurst,      
College of St Nicholas    
Dr A.B.Sibson:  see Stockton-on-Tees    
Silcoates School: see Wakefield    
Silsden, Yorks, St James’s Church1912II/14  
Silsden, United Methodist Free Church1894II/102nd-hand organ 
Skipton, Christ Church1906II/21Solo organ prepared for, III/26.  £1400.  Electro-pneumatic action 
Skipton Wesleyan Church1895II/21£481.  To Garrigill MC by others.  Lost 
Sleaford Parish Church1966III/26Rebuild. Altered by Carter 
Slingsby Parish Church1871I/8?  
 1898II/13Alterations £53 (later minor changes by others) 
Slyne-with-Hest, nr Morecambe, St Luke’s Church1955II/8  
South Bank Primitive Methodist Church, Yorkshire1899II/14  
South Bank Wesleyan Church, Yorkshire1886II/20Rebuilt 1893 after fire, subsequently rebuilt Nelson.  Then to Redcar College, then to Germany 
South Benfleet, St Mary’s Church1925II/7  
South Charlton, Northumberland, St James’s Church1896I/3no pedalboard 
South Hetton, Holy Trinity Church1889II/14Action subsequently altered 
South Hylton, St Mary’s Church1883II/16New organ £272 
South Hylton, Wesleyan Church1902II/13Rebuilt by Cousans 1962 in St Chad’s Dunholme 
South Korea:  see Seoul    
South Moor, Co. Durham: St George’s Church1903II/10  
Southport, Emmanuel Church1913III/31Rebuilt R&D 
South Shields, Chapter Row Wesleyan Church1904II/25To Boldon Colliery P.M Church, 1947 (not moved by H&H) 
South Shields, Laygate Presbyterian Church1897II/17  
South Shields, St Hilda’s Church2004III/31Restoration of 1867 Lewis organSpecification
South Shields, St Michael’s Church (Westoe)1901 III£190 Alterations and additions to old organ 
 1931III/25Rebuild and enlargement. † Lost in fire (1995 new organ by Goetze & Gwynn) 
South Shields, St Stephen’s Church1906II/27Including 5 stops prepared for 
South Shields Seamen’s Mission1897II/9Also 1913. To Trimdon Colliery P.M 1924, q.v. 
South Shields, United Methodist Free Church (Westoe)1895II/13£200. Removed to new church in Westoe in 1906 
Sowerby (near Thirsk), St Oswald’s Church1925II/20  
Spennymoor, County Durham: see also Tudhoe, Whitworth    
Spennymoor, Rosa Street Primitive Methodist Church: 1876II/11?200 guineas II/11 (2nd estimate 230 gns II/13) 
later renamed Trinity Methodist Church  Work by H.E.Prested 1978
Chapel rededicated 1982
Spennymoor Wesleyan Church:1904II/19  
 later known as Central Methodist Church    
Stafford, St Mary’s Parish Church1908IV/50intact 2020 and awaiting restoration 
Staindrop Wesleyan Chapel1894I/2?Moved to St John’s Church Bowburn 1953, and rebuilt by Nelson 
Stainland, St Andrew’s Church1898III/27  
Stanhope Church1886 Repairs and rebuilding, £166.  Replaced by Binns 
Stanhope, St Thomas’s Church1877II/16New organ £410 
Stanley, St Andrew’s Church = Beamish PC (Stanley, Beamish)1880II/12£265, new organ.  Rebuilt by Vincent 1931 
Stanley, Crook,  St Thomas’s Church1894II/17£280 
Stillington, County Durham, St John’s Church1916II/13Using older material 
Stockbridge, Hants: see Marsh Court    
Stockholm City Hall, Sweden1972 New slider chests and several new stops provided for organ builder Magnus Fries 

Rebuild and redesign of 1925 Walcker organ; new console; 7 new stops

Stockport, Tiviotdale Wesleyan Church1902III/35Church closed, parts of organ to Rotherham by Philip Wood 
Stockton-on-Tees, St George’s Presbyterian Church, Yarm Road1899II/15Rebuilt by Nelson. 
(Later joint St George’s & St Andrew’s)    
Stockton-on-Tees, Unitarian Church1895II/12£200.  To Sri Lanka 
Stockton-on-Tees, Dr A.B. Sibson1901 Mr Fawcett’s organ from Stokesley (?) 
Stockton-on-Tees, Holy Trinity Church1883 Rebuild, using Newcastle Cathedral organ, £447 
 1908III/40Rebuild and enlargement (2 Open Woods on Pedal!) † Church closed 1982; church and organ burnt 1991 
Stockton-on-Tees, Yarm Road MethodistDate unknownIII/24  
Stoke Gabriel: see Woodyates Manor 1996 (H&H 1920) 
Stokesley Church1888II/15Gone 
Stokesley Wesleyan Church1874I/6£66 
 1896II/15Swell Organ added.  Later to Yarm Wesleyan 
Stonefold, St John’s Church1898II/19Moved to St Mary’s RC Church, Horwich, by John Corkhill 2002 
Stornoway, Martin’s Memorial Church1949II/10  
Dr Christopher Storr, Tunbridge Wells2002II/5  
Strathblane United Free Church1884 New organ £158.  Burnt out 
Stratton, St Peter’s Church1951II/8  
Stroud, St Alban’s Church1948I/9  
Sunderland, Cleveland Road Methodist ChurchDate unknownII/18  
Sunderland, Congregational Church, West Park1883IIITransferring old organ from Ebenezer, £114. Since rebuilt by others 
Sunderland Convent1884II/7New organ £141 
Sunderland Minster, (formerly known as1935III/30Restored 1985 
St Michael’s Church, Bishopwearmouth)    
Sunderland, Pallion, St Luke’s Church: see Pallion    
Sunderland, Park Road United Methodist Church1887II/18  
Sunderland, Roker Avenue United Methodist Church1889II/16  
Sunderland, St Mary’s RC Church1879III/39Rebuild £203. Subsequently rebuilt several times by others. Abandoned c2000 
Sunderland, St Barnabas’ Church1949 Restoration & re-erection 
Sunderland, Seamen’s Mission Church1889II/13  
Sunderland, Sorley Street Congregational Church1896II/13  
Sunderland, C.J. Vincent’s house organ1877 £40. Work unknown. Flute added 1879 for £7 
Sunningdale, Holy Trinity Church1890IV/421872 H&H organ from Scarborough St Martin’s (+ 2 stops prepared for).   Also 1901.  Rebuilt Bowen of Northampton 1971 
Sutton Wesleyan Church1922III/29Mr F.H. Burn’s organ (H&H 1909/11) from Pattishall House, Towcester, q.v. 
Swainby Parish Church1993II/17From St Luke’s Hospital, Middlesbrough
(= Middlesbrough Asylum), H&H 1899
Swalwell Primitive Methodist ChurchDate unknownI/4Moved by others to Forton RC Church 1996? 
Swalwell Wesleyan Church1890II/7  
Swansea Congregational Church (Ebenezer)1904III/26  
Swinton, St Margaret’s Church1902II/22Restored 2006 
Talgarth Calvinistic Methodist Chapel    
(now Bethlehem Presbyterian)1899II/9  
Tamworth, St Editha’s Church1927III/32  
Tenbury, St Michael’s Church1869IV/64Reconstruction of Flight organ.  Subsequently rebuilt by Willis. 
Terrington, St John’s Church1874I/5Shown as Ferrington in Cambridge leaflet 
Tewkesbury, Dr James Lancelot2017II/5H&H organ 1995, moved from Durham 2017 
Thirsk, Primitive Methodist Church1894I/5?Rebuilding † 
R. Thompson Esq: see Wingate    
Thornaby, Cleveland Wesleyan Church1903II/16  
Thornaby Wesleyan Church1899II/14Alterations 1901, 1929 
Thornhill, Dumfries, Morton Parish Church1886II/21Rebuilt by Compton 
Thornthwaite Parish Church1891II/7£155 
Thornton, Congregational Church (Bradford)1897II/27  
Thornton, St James’s Church (Bradford)1897III/38  
Thorpe Thewles, Co. Durham, St James’s Church  Formerly known as St James’s, Grindon, q.v. 
Throckley-on-Tyne, St Mary1901II/9  
Timberland, St Andrew’s Church1900II/9  
Titchmarsh, St Mary the Virgin2016II/15Restoration of 1870 Lewis organ; two prepared stops installedSpecification
Todmorden, Lane Head Chapel1864II/8  
Toft Hill Primitive Methodist Church1898II/8Rebuilt by Nelson † 
Tokyo, Japan, Holy Trinity Church1980II/10Enlarged to II/13, 1991Specification
Ton Pentre, Hebron Baptist Church1902II/15  
Tonypandy, English (Bethel?) Baptist Church, Raven Street1902II/9  
Toronto, Canada, St George’s United Church1977II/10  
Torquay, St Marychurch1955IV/55Completed 1966 
Towcester, Pattishall House, F.H. Burn Esq1909III/29Completed 1911 (Solo Organ).  To Sutton Wesleyan Church 1922 by Willis 
Tow Law R.C. Church1884II/7New organ £138 
Tow Law, SS Philip & James Church1885II/13Completed 1898 
Tredegar, Siloh Baptist1905II/13  
Treorchy, Bethania Welsh Congregational Church1903II/19Church closed, organ exported 
Trimdon Grange, St Alban’s Church1994II/9Nelson organ moved from St Luke’s Ferryhill 
Trimdon Grange, John Cooke Esq.1879 £29, second-hand organ.  ? To Stockton 
Trimdon Colliery Primitive Methodist Church1924II/10Organ moved from South Shields Seamen’s 
(later = Trimdon Station Methodist Church)  Mission Church (H&H 1897).  Removed 1992 by Chris Bagot, Chorley, and installed 1995 at Pleasington Priory with help from H&H 
Trinidad, St Stephen’s Church1894I/6  
Troon, United Free Church (Portland Parish Church)1914II/22Restored 1969 and 2010 
Trumpington Parish Church, Cambridge1929II/16Overhaul, re-siting and revoicing of 1902 Miller organ 
 2003 Overhaul, three stop changes          Specification
Tudhoe Colliery Primitive Methodist Church1894II/9  
(Spennymoor), Co. Durham    
Tudhoe Grange, St Andrew’s Church1887II/15  
Tudhoe, St Charles’s RC Church1928II/12Temporary organ from Whitby, St Hilda’s (H&H 1894). To Newcastle upon Tyne, St Andrew’s R.C., Worswick St 1997 
Tunapuna, B.W.I., Church of the Good Shepherd1897II/13  
Tunbridge Wells: see Mr Christopher Storr    
Tunbridge Wells, St Augustine’s RC Church1994II/12 Specification
Tunstall Church, (St John the Baptist)1923II/7  
Twickenham Parish Church1996II/20 Specification
Twyford, Hants, St Mary’s Church1996II/18New organ, based on JW Walker 1867/1878Specification
Udney Church, Aberdeenshire1890II/13  
Uppingham School Chapel1914III/27Altered by J.W.Walker 1957; largely replaced by Nicholson 2007 
Usworth Church1890II/11£132 + old organ. Moved to gallery & alterations, Nelson 1936 
Västerås Cathedral, Sweden1998IV/68Restoration of 1898 Åkerman & Lund organ; additions and new consoleSpecification
Mark Venning, Durham2003II/5To Heytesbury, Wiltshire, 2011 
Vero Beach, Florida, USA, Trinity Episcopal Church1997III/41Dismantled 2004, reassembled in new church 2005Specification
Victoria, B.C., Canada, Christ Church Cathedral1976II/13From Fairbridge Farm, nr Duncan, Vancouver Island 1938. Originally Halsway Manor 1926 
Wakefield, Silcoates School1889II/9† Replaced 
Wakefield, Joseph Wood Esq.1894 2nd-hand organ from Congregational Church Keighley 
Walbottle Mission Church1910II/6  
Walbottle: see also Blucher    
Walbottle P.M Church1906II/7Part old Lewis organ from Darlington M.N.C. Moved by Blackett & Howden to St Andrew’s Church, Leam Lane, Heworth 1961 
Walker-on-Tyne, RC Church1892II/14  
Wallsend, St Luke’s Church1891II2nd-hand organ from Alnwick, £185. Replaced by Abbott & Smith organ c.1920 
Wallsend, St Peter’s Church1892II/16New organ, £288 and old organ (see also Murton, Primitive Methodist). Moved to west gallery 1999 
 1999 Moved to west gallery 
Walnut Creek, California, U.S.A., St Paul’s Church1985I/4New organ for wooden church 
Warboys, St Mary Magdalene1900II/121947 Restoration. Moved to west end 2007 by W&A Boggis (Rodney Briscoe) 
Mr G, Wardle: see Sherburn (Co. Durham)    
Washington Methodist Church1947II/12  
Waterburn Baptist Chapel1865?/27New organ. Replaced by Binns organ 1924 
Waterhouses Wesleyan Church1898I/6† Destroyed by fire 
Waterloo, St James’s Church1863   
Wellington College Chapel1921III/36  
 1980III/40Restoration with alterationsSpecification
Wellington, Salop, Dr McClure’s organ1950I/6Experimental organ. To Ampleforth College 1950; to Edinburgh University 1951 
Wells Cathedral1910IV/55  
 1974IV/67Rebuild. Overhaul 1995Specification
Wem, Church of St Peter & St Paul1923III/20Alterations by Hawkins 1986 
Westgate Wesleyan Chapel1878 £42, rebuild. † Replaced by Nelson organ 
West Ham Parish Church: see London    
West Hartlepool: see also Hartlepool    
West Hartlepool, Christ Church1887III/32£767. Rebuilt Nelson 1930. For disposal 1986 † 
West Hartlepool, Lynn Street Chapel1887   
West Hartlepool, Park Road U.M Church1923II/12Church closed 1960 † 
West Hartlepool, St Matthew’s Church1913III/71896 organ from Mr Robson, Hartlepool. To St Andrew’s, Blackhall 1946 
West Hartlepool, Tower Street Congregational Church1876II/19£211. Moved to Bellevue Congregational Church by Nelson 1934 
West Hartlepool United Methodist Free Church1896 Restoration 
West Hartlepool Wesleyan Church1908III/24Moved by H.E.Prested to St Joseph’s RC Church, Hartlepool c.1998 
Westoe: see South Shields    
West Pelton, St Paul’s Church1885II/18  
West Pelton, Wesleyan Church1896II/10  
West Tytherley, Hampshire, Northlaw Schoolc.1953II/8H&H organ of unknown date, moved here (by others) with school from Pluckley, Kent  c.1953 
Westminster: see London    
Weymouth, St John’s Church1926II/20Also 1951, 1973 
Wheatley Hill, Primitive Methodist Church1902II/9Bought by C Bagot, Chorley, 2005 
Whitburn Parish Church, Sunderland1878III/15New organ £588 
 1902III/20Rebuilt with pneumatic action. 
   Rebuilt Hall & Broadfield 1961. Replaced by Principal Pipe Organs, 2002 
Whitby, Brunswick Wesleyan Church1883II/15  
 1893III/29Rebuilt & enlarged 
Whitby, St Hilda’s Church1894II/10Temporary organ. To Tudhoe, St Charles’s RC 1928. To Newcastle upon Tyne, St Andrew’s Worswick Street, 1997 
 1925III/32New organ 
Whitby, St Ninian’s Church1912II/172 stops added to Binns organ 
Whitchurch Parish Church, Bristol1972II/9Ex Prudhoe Methodist 1902. Church closed; metal pipework stolen 2012 
Whitehaven Presbyterian Church (now URC)1906II/18Restored by others 
Whitehaven, St Nicholas’ Church1904III/47Burnt out 1971 
Whitley Bay, St Paul’s Church1867II/23  
 1877II/26Moved from west end to chamber under tower, £280. Rebuilt by Binns Fitton & Haley 1953. Re-actioned and extended by Saville & Co.
2003 – 6, III/40
Whitwell, Isle of Wight, St Mary’s Church1899II/14Second manual added to Bevington organ 
   Restored by Griffiths & Cooper 2005 
Whitwell, Norfolk, St Michael’s Church1906II/8Transferred by others to adjacent Reepham Church 1970 
Whitwood, Normanton, All Saints’ Church1873II£150, using older parts 
Whitworth Church, Spennymoor, Co. Durham1886I/8£150. 
 2011 Full restoration 
Whorlton, Nr Barnard Castle, St Mary’s Church1876II/15Rebuild of Postill organ, £292. Restored Lightbown 2003 
Whorlton, Northumberland, St John’s Church1908II/10Some subsequent stop changes by others 
Wick, St John’s Church1948I/5  
Wigan, United Methodist Free Church1892II/20Gone? 
Wigton, St Mary’s Church1912II/20Includes older materialSpecification
Wigtown Parish Church1878II/14?New organ, £359. Rebuilt Ingram? 
Wilkieston, NB: see Lady Morton1883   
Willingham, All Saints’ Church (now St Mary and All Saints)1912II/11  
Willington-on-Tyne,St Mary’s Church (= Willington Quay)1891II/115-stop Swell added to old organ, £125 
Willington Wesleyan Church, Durham1890II/10£196 
 1894II/12Church closed 
Wimborne St Giles, Dorset, St Giles’s Church1910II/14£660. Case by Comper. Restored by John Budgen 2001 
Winchester Cathedral1938IV/67Rebuild of 1851 Willis organ 
 1988IV/79Rebuilt, Nave organ addedSpecification
Winchester College, Fromond’s Chantry2005II/6New organ 
Windsor Castle, The Private Chapel1997I/7New organSpecification
Windsor Castle, St George’s Chapel1965IV/72Restored 1983Specification
Wingate, R. Thompson Esq1882I/4£101. Moved to Monk Hesleden 
   St Mary’s. To St Mary’s, 
   Holy Island 1954 
Wingate, Wesleyan Church1905II/9  
Winter Haven, Florida, USA, St Paul’s Episcopal Church1989III/32  
Wisbech, St Peter & St Paul1951III/44  
Withington, Manchester, St Chad’s Church1953III/241906 H&H organ from Brackenburgh Tower, rebuilt here by C. Smethurst. Restored by Andrew Carter 2020 
Witton Gilbert Church1880II/10Rebuild, £75. Moved and rebuilt by Prested, later destroyed 
Woldingham Church1934II/14Overhauled 1974 
Wolsingham, Co. Durham, Wesleyan Church1885II/11Church converted, organ gone 
Wolverhampton, St Mark’s Church1902III/31(Old organ went to St Peter’s Sacriston) 
   Moved by others to Wolverhampton Grammar School 1978 
Joseph Wood Esq: see Wakefield    
Woodford High School, Havelock West, NZ1970 Voiced pipes only 
Woodham, All Saints’ Church1928III/21Restored 1991 
Woodnewton, St Mary’s Church1915II/8  
Woodside Church, Glasgow1881 New organ £555. Further work 1884 
Woodyates Manor, Dorset, F.B.Eastwood Esq.1920II/14To Denver Mills, T.E. Harris 1935. To Addington Palace (RSCM) 1970. To Stoke Gabriel 1996 by Michael Farley 
Wooler, St Mary’s Church1876II/Addition of 2nd manual to existing organ. Further work 1926 
Worcester Cathedral1924IV/601937 additions, 1948 additions, 1967 alterations 
 1972IV/62Alterations. Subsequently rebuilt by others; replaced by Tickell organ in quire, 2008 
          Nave Organ (mobile)1973II/24Rebuild of 1911 H&H organ from Deritend. Removed 1989 by Michael Farley and incorporated in organ at St Peter’s Budleigh Salterton 
Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, Primitive Methodist Chapel1902II/11Church closed. 2006 organ sold to David Morris, organ builder 
Wroxall Church, Isle of WightDateII/10  
Wythenshawe, Manchester, II/20Temporary H&H organ (1952) from 
William Temple Church, Woodhouse Park  All Saints’ Clifton, Bristol 
Yarm, Wesleyan ChurchDate UnknownII/101896 H&H organ from Stokesley Wesleyan. Gone, case remains 
Yeovil Parish Church1919III/23  
Ynyshir, St Anne’s Church1907II/10  
York Blind School (=Yorkshire School for the Blind):1917III/19Restoration of Willis organ (see NPOR)  
re-named King’s Manor 1958  Organ gone: pipework to Escrick School 
York Exhibition1879I/8To Lapworth, St Mary’s in 1881 
York Minster1916IV/73Alterations 
 1931IV/78£4210, rebuild. Rebuilt by Walker 1960, and by Principal Pipe Organs 1993 
 2020IV/81Complete reconstruction, revertingSpecification
   to the musical style of 1931 
York, Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick Park1953II/6From Danish Church, Newcastle 
   (H&H 1889) 
York, St John’s Training College1937II/13Also 1966. Rebuilt by Walker in Westgate Church, Peterborough 1984.
† Destroyed c.2017
York, St Saviour’s Church1914II/13To Acomb Church, York 1952 
York, St Wilfrid’s RC Church1998III/24Organ by Forster & Andrews 1867, restored by H&H 1998