Harrison & Harrison’s approach to organ building is nothing if not thorough.

Every organ is designed individually for its specific building, to fit both the acoustics and the architecture; and great care is taken to ensure that each organ has a logical and accessible internal layout. Harrisons use Computer Aided Design (CAD), which has the advantage of ease in producing accurate, detailed working drawings, and allows our designers to experiment with a variety of layouts.

  • We make our own organs in our own workshop.
  • Nothing is mass-produced: not a single tracker or power-motor is made without a particular organ in mind. There are no short cuts.
  • The firm has an unbroken tradition of slider chests, going back to 1861.
  • We cast our own pipe metal by traditional methods to the specification required for each stop.
  • The firm’s own voicers control every aspect of the organ’s musical development.
  • Each new organ is first set up in our workshop to ensure that every part is functioning correctly. It is then dismantled and packed for dispatch.
  • After it has been installed by our own organ builders, the instrument is finished with the detailed voicing and tonal blending for which the firm is renowned.

Harrison organs have a reputation for longevity. A new organ is guaranteed for the first fifteen years; even after that it will require little attention. A busy city church could expect its H&H organ to run smoothly for 50 years before its first major maintenance work. A small country organ might last twice as long.

We provide a prompt and efficient maintenance service.