We also repair and restore organs of all makes and sizes, clean and overhaul organs and  provide a tuning and maintenance service.  To find out more go to ‘‘About Us’

Although this is a question we are often asked, there is no straightforward answer. We build organs of all sizes unique to each situation, from chamber organs and practice organs for private houses up to church and cathedral organs. If you are interested in obtaining a quotation, please contact our office via email or telephone 0191 378 22 22.

Emmanuel Church, Chestertown,Maryland, USA

Emmanuel Church, Chestertown, Maryland, USA

Yes, we have built organs for countries as diverse as Australia, Korea, USA, Sweden, Japan, South Africa and Nigeria. We are always happy to discuss projects. Please get in touch. If phoning from abroad, use +44 191 378 22 22.

Yes we can. Please email our office or telephone 0191 378 22 22
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or telephone the office on 0191 378 22 22

On a regular tuning visit, we would expect to check over the organ, make adjustments to the mechanism, repair minor faults and tune through the pipework. Depending on the time spent on adjustments and faults, tuning might be limited to selected stops and pipes that are particularly out of tune. If advised in advance of problems that are of major concern we could plan to extend a visit to enable all to be dealt with. If the work cannot be completed within a reasonable time, or more extensive repairs are required then we would provide a report and estimate of the cost.

Tuning requires skill and concentration, and quiet conditions are necessary for good results. Our tuners understand that complete silence can seldom be achieved, but it is important to keep the area adjacent to the organ free from disturbance, and the the use of machinery such as vacuum cleaners should be avoided while tuning is in progress.

We are always happy to consider new tunings. If possible we like to visit and discuss your requirements beforehand. In certain circumstances we can arrange a single tuning visit, which will be chargeable. It is helpful to have as much information about your organ and your requirements as possible – size of the organ, last time it was tuned, how often it is used, current problems, etc.  We are happy to discuss options to fit your needs and budget. Email our office or telephone 0191 378 22 22.

VAT on organ maintenance and tuning might be reclaimable under the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme. It is understood that relevant invoices must be submitted within one year, to a combined minimum value of £500 excluding VAT. Further details can be obtained from Topmark (LPOW): 0845 013 6601
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