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Do you only build organs?

How much does an organ cost?

Can I reclaim VAT on organ maintenance and tuning?

I would like to arrange a tuning

Can Harrisons take on the tuning of our organ?

What is done during a routine tuning visit?

Does a tuner need complete silence for tuning?

Do Harrisons build organs overseas?

Can you arrange an inspection/survey of our organ?

How do I get information about fundraising for an organ project?

How does central heating affect organs?

Links & Resources

Use the menu below to find useful links to external organisational bodies, websites of buildings with a Harrison & Harrison organ, details of fundraising efforts, videos featuring H&H and where to find out more about recitals around the UK and beyond.



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The links will take you to external websites. These resources are in process of development; if you would like to see any more sites listed here please do get in touch with us.

‘Message from the Chairman’

Note to customers:

VAT on organ maintenance and tuning might be reclaimable under the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme. It is understood that relevant invoices must be submitted within one year, to a combined minimum value of £500 excluding VAT. Further details can be obtained from Topmark (LPOW):
0845 013 6601


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