St Machar’s Cathedral, Aberdeen

Aberdeen, St Machar’s Cathedral

Organ by Henry Willis & Sons 1891, overhauled by NP Mander 1970. 3 manuals, 46 stops. 

To reinstate Choir stops removed in 1970.  Tonal adjustments to the Choir division including the cleaning and repair of pipework




May 2018

Dundee, Caird Hall

Dundee Caird Hall

H&H 1923 1992, 3 manuals 50 stops.  Upgrade of the piston system.                                                     





Jan 2018


Edinburgh, Sacred Heart RC

Edinburgh Sacred Heart RC

H&H 1971 for St John’s Church, Perth.

Rehomed to Edinburgh by another company. 
Attention to actions, Swell shutter mechanism, and voicing.





Jan/Feb 2018

Glasgow, Kelvinside, St Bride’s Episcopal Church

St Bride’s, Kelvinside, Glasgow

Glasgow, Kelvinside, St Bride’s Episcopal Church

Hill 1865, H&H 1882, Mirrlees 1903, MacKenzie 1972
2 manual 19 stops.

Complete Restoration.  Completed Mar 2018

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Dismantling 2017



Soundboards & Actions

Wind System


Installation 2018

Finished photos


Newton Ferrers, Holy Cross Church

Newton Ferrers, Holy Cross

Deane Organ Builders of Taunton 1992. 2 manual 32 stops on extension principal.

Upgraded low voltage transmission and capture system, installation of Petersen machine to Swell shutters





Mar 2018

Feb 2018

Jan 2018

St George’s Chapel, Windsor

St George’s Chapel

H&H 1965,  4 manuals 72 stops

Jul 2018