Lincoln CathedralLincoln Cathedral

Father Willis 1898, 4 manuals 64 stops, restored by H & H in 1960 & 1998.  Dismantle, store and protect the organ during roofing repairs.  Repair work to be undertaken on the mechanism of the triforium organ while it is dismantled to allow the roof to be repaired.  Overhaul of slider soundboards, drawstop actions and the main motors re-leathered.  The actions for the Double Open Wood 32ft to be overhauled and re-leathered.  Two new wind control reservoirs and valves to be installed and the wind trunking layout will be revised.  Two wind stabilising concussions to be re-leathered. Support for the Swell Vox Humana pipes. Repair to pipework as required. The Great reed soundboard to be repaired.

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