Bristol, Clifton College
Clifton College Organ, Bristol

Clifton College, Brist

H&H 1911, 3 manuals 46 stops.  Addition of 32ft Pedal reed extension.

The Pedal Ophicleide 16ft will be extended by the addition of 12 pipes, the new extension will be known as Double Ophicleide 32ft .  The new chest will be winded from the same supply as the Ophicleide.  An additional stop position will be added at the bottom of the Pedal jamb, the Double Ophicleide drawstop being installed below the Ophicleide, and all other stops moved down one space; a reversible foot piston for this stop will be provided.  The keyboards will be dismantled, fitted with new regulating buttons and re-set.  The drawstop actions leatherwork will be checked and renewed as required.



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