Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

Hill & Son 1894: 4 manuals 89 stops. Pitch change.
Work will be done in stages, starting with the Great and triforium Pedal sections 

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The Great and triforium Pedal pipes were dismantled and brought back to workshop.
Work started July 2015


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May/Jun 2016

January 2016

Nov/Dec 2015

26th Oct 2015

06 Oct 2015

28th Sept 2015

21st Sept 2015

14th Sept 2015

7th Sep 2015

26th Aug 2015

20th Aug 2015

13th Aug 2015

31st July 2015


Dismantle January 2016.  Reassemble in May 2016.

Swell Bourdon dismantled and to be packed ready for transport to workshop for packing

Swell Bourdon dismantled and ready to be packed for transport to workshop


Dismantle May 2016.  Reassemble August 2016.



Dismantle August 2016.  Reassemble early November 2016

Nov 2016

Oct 2016

Aug 2016

May/Jun 2016

Dec 2015