St Mary’s Church, Wigton (2 manual, 13 stops)

Overhaul and releathering of actions.

Schedule of work
  • Work started – 28 January 2013 to 04 Apr 2013
  • Installation – 08 Apr 2013 to 27 May 2013
  • Voicing – 03 Jun 2013

Click on the tabs below for a storyboard of the work as it progresses through the months.

Organ before overhaul  Console before overhaul
 Wigton, St Mary's - Stop knobs
Stop knobs


St Mary's Church, Wigton - Great action10  St Mary's Church, Wigton - touchbox11 St Mary's Church, Wigton - diaphragm machine
Great action  Touchbox Diaphragm machine
St Mary's Church, Wigton - round motors for reed Bourdon chest. St Mary's Church, Wigton - diaphragm machine  Wigton, St Mary's - Pedal Open Wood chest  Wigton, St Mary's - Pedal Bourdon chest
Round motors for Reed Bourdon chest Diaphragm machine  Pedal Open Wood chest  Pedal Bourdon Chest
St Mary's Church, Wigton - front pipes9
Front pipes
 Great Reservoir   Wigton, St Mary's- Swell reservoir Wigton, St Mary's - leathering Swell reservoir
Great reservoir Swell reservoir Re-leathering the Swell reservoir

Message from the Chairman

Note to customers:

VAT on organ maintenance and tuning might be reclaimable under the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme. It is understood that relevant invoices must be submitted within one year, to a combined minimum value of £500 excluding VAT. Further details can be obtained from Topmark (LPOW):
0845 013 6601


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